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Customer Service

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The mainstream media isn't always kind to contractors. But what about difficult homeowners? What about homeowners who are even worse than that?

Winning at Home Shows

Critical strategies for making your next event a success.

8 Critical Home Repairs Defined by Milwaukee NARI Chapter

When foundation walls suffer serious cracks or uneven settling from water getting down next to the foundation, the resulting repair can be extremely expensive.

Poor drainage and grading problems around the home defined as the most critical repair.

Craig Durosko: Part II: 25 ways you can lose money in remodeling

Craig Durosko, GMR, CR, CGP

Continuing my theme from last month, here are five more lessons I’ve learned from my 26 years in the remodeling business.

Using technology to help the client relationship

Connect with your prospective clients socially through Houzz, Facebook, and Twitter. Having an understanding of their design ideas, as well as their social interaction, can help you create a solution for their needs.

Technology can help your company become more efficient and improve your client’s experience; however, do not rely solely on technology to manage your projects.

Remodeler's Exchange: Effective customer relationships

"First and foremost, it [customer service] starts with the culture of the company. In order for anything to be effective you need to have a culture that makes your customer service practices effective"--Sal Ferro, president and CEO, Alure Home Improvements.

Professional Remodeler’s Tom Swartz spoke with Sal Ferro and Tim Shigley about how their firms manage to balance the customer service relationship between homeowners and remodelers.

I flipped on the television recently and found myself watching the latest of the remodeling/renovation/rehabilitation/makeover/flip this house/home project shows.

Research reveals most owners of green homes would purchase another.

Do the best job possible for the client. I often mention to clients that our work comes almost exclusively from repeat and referral customers. We’re only one bad job away from losing our good reputation--John Van Dame, Owner, Van Dame Custom Builders, Lansdale, Pa.

Effective and easy-to-apply strategies to increase your repeat and referral business in 2014.

Despite the investment of time and money, for many home shows there is a lack of structure, control, or management.

Try a new plan if you’re disappointed in your results from previous shows.

Starbucks and The Container Store think you’re a joke. OK… maybe not you specifically. They think your training program is.

I have taken quite the respite from my blogging activities, despite statistics that showed a growing readership. For whatever reasons, I felt the blogging juice just didn’t justify the squeeze. I wrote of topics ranging from referral sales, to customer service, to ultra-marathon running in an attempt to draw readers in. Well, this blog post is different.

What do you need to do to make up for a person?s house being delayed for an extra week or two or not having heating or cooling over a holiday weekend? If you have the right client-centric mindset or culture and get a little creative, you can turn lemons into lemonade.

To achieve a measure of differentiation that really works, how you do what you do is equally important, and in many cases more so, than the actual deliverable it produces. I know that sounds absurd on the face of it, but think about it.

By extending homeowner relationships, you can introduce a recurring revenue model, building future equity in your company. A client-for-life business model builds company equity.

Normandy achieved a recommendation rate of greater than 90% from their customers, who were surveyed through GuildQuality.

As we discussed in my last column, the visual comes first. So, thinking strategically, you are being asked to pursue a strategic process. This starts with the visual reality of your company, proceeds to the emotional reality of your company, then proceeds still further to the functional reality of your company, and finally proceeds to the financial reality of your company.

Sometimes we don’t realize it at all because we are so busy trying to make an unsatisfied client happy, wondering why the gross profit of a job is off, or speculating why a project is delayed waiting on parts.

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