First-person stories that explore what it means to be an architect.

A podcast for and about women in the residential construction industry, from business owners to marketing professionals, to women in the trades

Sharp insights and straightforward guidance for remodeling entrepreneurs

Insightful, dynamic discussions on building science in just seven minutes

Latest Episodes

remodeling mastery

Commit to collaboration and your business will only improve.

jenny rice women in construction

Jenny Rice developed Icon Building Group's division from the ground up. She talks managing leads and budgets in today's changing market.

Remodeling Mastery with Mark Richardson

"Get out of this notion that sales isn't a respectable thing. Those in sales do the best out there in terms of what they can accomplish."

Richardson walks business owners through different areas to reveal necessary insights.

women in construction

Operations Manager Kareena Gray talks about her background and finding solutions through teamwork.

mark richardson

How has the remodeling industry become the way it is? Industry expert Mark Richardson dives in and shares.

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