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Customer Service

Remodeler murdered

The mainstream media isn't always kind to contractors. But what about difficult homeowners? What about homeowners who are even worse than that?

When contractors discover a defect in their work, repairing the defect can be risky unless you take some precautions

Repairing construction defects can be risky unless you take some precautions

For remodelers, offering a lifetime warranty isn't as crazy as it sounds

Have you ever considered offering a lifetime warranty? It’s not as crazy as it sounds. In fact, if you do it right, it’s a revenue generator

Don't think of it as a hassle; warranty work has its benefits—not least among them, the potential for generating more work 

Warranty work pays off for remodelers with more leads

It pays to make warranty work part of your sales process. Here's why 

Reasons why it's important to make customer experience part of your product

These days, a pretty portfolio isn’t enough to land the job

That's All Folks image for the end of the job—most remodelers finish a job and don't follow up for warranty work

Most remodelers have little interest in following up on maintenance items once a project is completed. They're making a mistake

Thumbs up or down? Online reviews left unchecked have the potential to ruin your reputation

An online rant by some unhappy, embittered, or enraged customer may be on the cards at some point for your company, but you can take steps to limit the fallout

Director of Content Sal Alfano talks about what remodelers can learn from his customer service experience at the dentist.

How to make your website stand out to younger consumers

Roofer installs asphalt shingles on residential roof

Some roofing companies are reconsidering the terms of their workmanship warranty

payment past due invoice

Why is it that if a contractor takes money without installing, that’s called “deception,” but if a homeowner refuses to pay for finished work, that’s called a “dispute”?

Customer Satisfaction: Fair and Reasonable Payment for Errors

One contractor looks to a forum for advice on how to bill a client

Marketing: Earning Referrals Takes More than Luck

Referrals are a culmination of customer experience with your business

Estimating: Tips to Help Clients Get Better Insurance Settlements

One contractor coach argues that insurance companies are making low claim settlement offers hoping that homeowners will accept the first claim

Christopher Dietz pictured with his lawyer, Sara Kropf.

Christopher Dietz, of Dietz Development, with Sara Kropf, the lawyer who represented him in the lawsuit.

A personal account from Washington, D.C., remodeler Christopher Dietz on how he fought the accusations of a client

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