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Transforming Exteriors with Fiber Cement Siding

There are a variety of exterior siding options on the market today, but not all can stand up to the demands of weather and time. Fiber cement siding…

Transforming Exteriors

When looking for siding options, contractors and homeowners look for a material that is both durable and beautiful. Current options on the market…

Can Insulated Vinyl Siding Reduce Sound Transmission?

As the inventors of insulated vinyl siding, we have received hundreds of testimonials from customers over the years claiming that insulated vinyl…

Financing Goes Mobile: Answer Your Customers’ Need for Speed

The use of financial technology and digital tools can be critical in meeting your customers’ needs and staying competitive. Find out how mobile…

Remodelers Adjust To Meet Demands of a Younger, More Connected Clientele

Today’s homeowners are better informed about remodeling than ever before, thanks to the relentless march of TV remodeling shows and 24/7 internet…

Design Trends: Market Influences on Product Design

Design influences come from everywhere—fashion runways, trade and shelter magazines, travel, smart technology, the sustainability movement, trends…

Bath Remodeling: Universal Mindset, Client-Specific Approach

If aging in place and universal design aren’t very much on the minds of residential remodelers today, they should be. Baby boomers, who comprise one…
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