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Large walk in showers are popular in remodeling

2017's No. 1 feature was No. 4 in 2016

computer lighting model

A computer lighting model converts input (such as ceiling and counter height, fixture and lamp type, surface color and reflectance, etc.) into both 2D output showing projected fc levels at every point on a 2x2 grid (above right), and a 3D model of the room showing the effects of the lighting plan (above). Current light levels at the island (right) are more than three times the 15 fc readings taken before the kitchen remodel.

Real-world footcandle readings shine a light on the importance of recessed fixture size, lamp type, and fixture location

model remodel

The second part of our two-part story focuses on the project’s finishes and strategic solutions to real-world construction challenges

pair of salvaged corbels inspires trim design

A pair of salvaged corbels inspires the trim design for a replacement entry door

Don’t judge a building by its exterior, especially this Victorian building situated in Edinburgh, Scotland’s West End neighborhood.

GAF, Homeliest Home Contest, Ply Gem, makeover, exterior

GAF contest searches for “homeliest home”

GAF announced today the GAF Homeliest Home Contest, together with Ply Gem, starting on June 4, 2012.

Marvin, windows, doors, myMarvin Architect's Challenge, competition, fourth

Marvin Windows and Doors kicks off fourth annual myMarvin Architect’s Challenge

Marvin Windows and Doors announces it is now accepting entries for its fourth annual myMarvin Architect’s Challenge.

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