Before images: courtesy Phil Kean Design Group; after images: Jeffrey A. Davis, Davis Photography

Details about the interior products and technologies used in the Orlando show home

Photo: Hood River reDesign

Remodeling Design

These heating-cooling marvels work great but don’t always go with the rest of the room. Here are five ways to dress them up or conceal them altogether.

Photo: Your Garage Organizer


A look at customized, gender-specific spaces for work and play

The New American Remodeled Home exterior

A remodeled 30-something Florida house radiates new style, energy, and up-to-the-minute design genius


To find the right shapes and proportions, think of the wall section as a classical column

Photo: Erika Taylor

Construction Quality

For contractor, author, and reality TV star Brent Hull, a timeless house is a pursuit of education, understanding, and refinement

Photo: courtesy CBI Design Professionals


Ceilings offer a new plane to add definition and drama to a space 

Photo: courtesy Beth Singer


This work of functional art was a collaboration involving an imaginative design team, a well-organized remodeler, and a master stonemason

Rendering: Courtesy Phil Kean Design Group

Remodeling Design

The New American Remodeled Home reinvents a dated 1987 Florida residence


All photos: courtesy Doug Walter


An open plan and offset cabinet layout transform this cramped tudor galley kitchen into a modern space with an old-fashioned feel


Remodelers and builders who want to be proficient in their craft should understand the designs they imitate

Remodeling Design

Being a lover and student of old houses is one thing. Owning and carefully remodeling one is another matter.

Brewster McLeod Architects is Professional Remodeler's 2016 Market Leader for fine design, West.

Brewster McLeod Architects' Jamie McLeod has created one of Colorado’s most sought-after luxury residential architectural firms, known for harmoniously incorporating its designs into nature-filled landscapes. Photo: courtesy Brewster McLeod Architects


A clear understanding of each client's needs and the individual character of their home distinguishes this Colorado firm and ensures repeat customers

Barn doors can be used to divide large, open spaces. Photo: courtesy Baldur by Krown Lab

Photo: courtesy Baldur by Krown Lab


The barn door craze shows no sign of slowing down. Here’s a look at what makes these doors so popular.


Readers improve upon a project presented in the March issue

Trim-Tex announces the 2015 Drywall Artist of the Year Winner, Sheldon Hawk

Photo: courtesy Trim-Tex

Remodeling Design

Trim-Tex names Sheldon Hawk the winner for the 2015 Drywall Artist of the Year

Ideas for remodeling a 1990s kitchen.

A desire to update a ’90s kitchen leads to a reconfiguration of the space to better fit the family’s lifestyle

How to create a safer stair for an aging couple

For safety around the house, it’s the little things that count

Why remodelers should strive for better design

Rather than be part of the “good enough” majority, why not make a push to move up? 

This project won the ASLA 2015 Professional Award of Excellence, Residential Design Category. Cedar Creek by Hocker Design Group.

Sustainable design is the big trend for residential landscapes, according to the 2016 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey

Andy Byrnes, architect and president of design/build firm The Construction Zone, in Phoenix, converted a barn into a stunning guest house.

How architect Andy Byrnes transformed an unremarkable horse barn into an exquisite guest house

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