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Case Studies


Building a Performance Model

How do you choose windows and doors for a Net Zero Energy remodel with a preservation focus?


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Case Study: Touchstone, a Compact Fireplace for All Seasons and Climates

In houses of long ago, the fireplace has often served as the home's centerpiece, providing warmth and a place to cook over a roaring fire. Today, the…

Case Study: Cooking, Cleanup Become a Breeze with JennAir Appliances

Homeowners and remodelers Mark and Mina Fies of Synergy Design & Construction had an advantage when it came to appliance decisions for the…

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Case Study: Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Light Gallery Offers Functional, Dazzling Features

When it came time for Mark and Mina Fies to make selections for the 2021 Model ReModel project, they headed to Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Light…

Case Study: A Staircase from Viewrail Rises to the Occasion

An entry foyer can help set the mood and style for a house, with the staircase often taking center stage. This was the case of Mark and Mina Fies’…

The Benefits of 360-Degree Photography for Architecture and Construction Professionals

The COVID-19 pandemic upended the way we live and work, thrusting us into a world of digital entertainment, socialization, shopping, and work almost…

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