Nine incorrect principles often held by less successful company owners

drone flying over homes being remodeled

Drones have become an important sales and marketing tool for exterior remodelers, And new uses for the technology are just around the corner

Suspect substance abuse? Unless you have a policy in place, your choice in how to respond is to either tolerate it or fire the employee

Leads from Angie's List used to like gold. Today they're irrelevant.

The do-it-for-me generation values a business model that’s different from the way remodelers have always done it

The best siding companies make proper installation a calling card and point of differentiation

Seated man with with 6 arms each juggling a different task


Many business owners think that an office manager should be the last person you hire as your company grows. Those with experience say otherwise.

Action is a choice. Action is a conscious decision. Action is a success habit.

We are on the cusp of a truly exciting time for women in construction 

houzz study about remodelers' market sentiments

The industry is hurting, but professionals aren't worried

    Use this simple exercise to problem-solve and break down stress 

    Offering custom roof flashing to clients can set you apart from the competition. Here are two ways to introduce the option into your business.

    The owners of NewSouth Window Solutions took the company from zero to $50 million in just seven years. Here’s how they did it. 

    Selling has never been easy, but it’s far harder today than it was even a few years ago

    What to do when you hear those words from a homeowner

    Crayon drawing of schematic human figures in a circle

    Be proactive and put a person-to-person process in place

    Jacuzzi acquires BathWraps

    The acquisition will give both companies bigger networks and wider offerings

    There's a bit of ritual—theater almost—that goes into presenting a product

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