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robi kirsic

NARI Chairman Robi Kirsic helps businesses find their way through the global pandemic

Professional Remodeler and members of the PRIME Group have partnered to bring you business advice on the latest issues facing remodelers.

PR editors will moderate seven panel discussions at the Chicago show

People do business with those they know, like and trust.

How do you measure how satisfied your customer is and then create goals around it? You need a new measurement.

Success is often a product of reducing pain or unhappiness more than creating it.

16 industry leaders share their thoughts on the challenges and opportunities for 2012

New world of marketing mixes traditional and cutting edge

A master plan and seven years of remodeling lead to landmark preservation

Understanding the 'why' of your clients' needs is key to succesful selling

Contractor goes into high gear as remodeling plans swell

Abe Degnan (left) and Kim DuBree

Most remodelers collect client opinions in some way, whether formally or informally. But how do you collect and then apply it so as to make a meaningful impact on your business?

Structural disaster and inspired renovation hide behind a vintage façade

To create a company that outlives its owners, the owner needs to learn to let go

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