An interior chase on an exterior wall is an often-overlooked source of major air leaks

pair of salvaged corbels inspires trim design

A pair of salvaged corbels inspires the trim design for a replacement entry door

four remodelers thoughts on transparency in pricing in the home improvement industry

Four remodeling industry veterans’ thoughts on transparency

For the first part of our two-part story, we focus on energy efficiency and practical solutions to everyday construction challenges 

Combine a point laser and a rotary laser, throw in a range of handy features, and you get this Makita product

Installing a vapor barrier in a sealed crawlspace

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To avoid moisture and mold problems, isolate the crawlspace framing from the soil with a heavy-duty vapor barrier

Brick to roof flashing

Combine step flashing on the roof with through-wall flashing at the masonry

fully installed isolar solutions solar attic fan

Solar power and a maximum fan speed of 400 cfm are key to this easy-to-install replacement fan

An energy-minded carpenter’s take on when it makes sense to use less wood in a wall—and when it doesn’t

Once a job taken for granted, the window installer today is seen as key to the operation

Warm air esaping through a ridge vent pulls outside air in through the soffits. Use baffles where rafters meet attic floor joists to precent the insulation from blocking air movement.

When properly detailed, roof ventilation keeps roofing materials cooler and prevents ice dams

Photo: Dan Morrison

It may look rustic—it means ‘to flower out’ in French—but it can get ugly if it causes deterioration in brick or block

Photo: Erika Taylor

For contractor, author, and reality TV star Brent Hull, a timeless house is a pursuit of education, understanding, and refinement

Airtight drywall, electrical box detail

By sealing the holes created by electrical boxes, you can eliminate a major source of air movement into exterior walls. All drawings: Dan Morrison

Drywall can be the first line of defense against the movement of moisture-laden air into exterior walls, if you take these steps

To make kitchen cabinet installation easier, follow these steps.

Working in the proper sequence and allowing for humps and dips in floors and out-of-plumb walls are key to a problem-free job

Rules for remodelers when installing flexbile ductwork

Using flexible ducts saves time, but careless installation can cause performance-related problems that are hard to find and even harder to fix after the drywall goes up

The trend for integrated appliances has made installation more complicated and far more exacting 

Waterproofing dos and don'ts to ensure a dry basement

The dos and don’ts for properly finishing a basement shows you step by step how to build a kitchen toekick detail

An easy way to redirect air from a duct located under a cabinet

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