Remodel Sales

Offering custom roof flashing to clients can set you apart from the competition. Here are two ways to introduce the option into your business.

Selling has never been easy, but it’s far harder today than it was even a few years ago

No one wins the race to the lowest price ... especially not the homeowner

There's a bit of ritual—theater almost—that goes into presenting a product

Here’s what home improvement pros need to consider to avoid unintended consequences when adding a new product 

Small roof repairs can lead to bigger, more lucrative, jobs for roofing contractors

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For some roofing companies, 'customer for life' starts with a timely repair

Medical treatment and lost wages ... When someone working on a roof falls and is injured, there's a price to pay

If you insist that husband and wife have to be there, some homeowners will start to disconnect

Call center workers at desks

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Reborn Cabinets uses a clear, well-defined sales system, and its call center reaps the rewards

Rising costs


Regular and sometimes steep increases in the cost of materials are a fact of life in residential construction. Too bad homeowners don’t know it.

If you’re not thinking about technology for your business now, you may soon be playing catch-up with customers

New siding can boost a home's curb appeal

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How do you sell a homeowner something they’re not even sure they really want? Dress it up.

The best way to turn web visitors into leads is to not try too hard

The writing on the wall says that word-of-mouth referrals are losing their relevance

Ask yourself: Which customer demographics are growing for your company? And is your marketing keeping pace?

At home shows, you have heavy competition. Here's a plan to maximize the leads you generate.

Texting lets you keep clients fully in the loop without making them loopy

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What's causing a drop in sales? Here are the most likely causes

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How to win over this demographic and become the aging-in-place expert in your market

Betting on the success of an app for contractors that lets homeowners qualify for loans

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You can’t control how the prospect heard about your company, but you can control that first phone interaction

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