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Customer Service

Remodeler murdered

The mainstream media isn't always kind to contractors. But what about difficult homeowners? What about homeowners who are even worse than that?

customer satisfaction surveys are important for any professional remodeler to do

Customer-satisfaction surveys are an integral tool for many remodelers. Here's how to get the most from your survey efforts

One veteran, one remodeler, one disaster 

is the better business bureau, a home for remodelers, failing or not

The Better Business Bureau is striving to stay relevant 

How can smaller companies participate in the cultural shift that's going on?

Space clearing tools that Mina Fies uses at Synergy Design & Construction

How the daughter of a hippie truck driver teamed up with a guy who loves spreadsheets to change the remodeling experience 

As with a hospital stay, even a good remodeling outcome can’t overcome a bad experience

Texting lets you keep clients fully in the loop without making them loopy

DustClean system at work on the jobsite

For California remodeler Jim Kabel, BuildClean is the most thorough jobsite dust-removal system his firm has used

Simple guidelines to help create, and then exceed, expectations—whether for your clients, employees, family, or friends

Photo: Pixabay

You can’t control how the prospect heard about your company, but you can control that first phone interaction

Photo: courtesy Tundraland

The star-based incentive program used by Tundraland for its craftsmen engages employees and customers

Normandy Design Build Remodeling is Professional Remodeler's 2016 Market Leader for customer satisfaction, East. 

One of the ways that Normandy Design Build Remodeling leads the field in customer satisfaction is through a single-point contact strategy with clients. Here, Normandy designer Leslie Molloy consults with clients on materials. Photo: courtesy Normandy Design Build Remodeling

Making sure the company's reputation online is spotless goes a long way toward boosting customer loyalty for this Illinois remodeler

How to handle unhappy customers; photo: flickr user Mark Mulligan

Photo: flickr user Mark Mulligan (CC BY 2.0)

The way a business handles complaints is a litmus test of company culture. How does yours fare? 

The Net Promoter Score is still a relevant, useful metric

It's now 10 years since Fred Reichheld introduced the concept of the Net Promoter Score, but it's as relevant as ever

Remodelers should use the final walkthrough as a chance to impress clients

Turn the final walk-through with clients into an opportunity to shine

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