Focus on building up your labor pool in between projects to ensure you have an adequately sized, well-trained team when the time comes.

No matter the size, every roofing project has its own unique intricacies. Here’s how to handle them with ease. 

Customer service is what sets this CRM apart 

"Not only was it more reliable and easier on our bodies, it also halved the time it takes to complete those types of jobs." 

Did the homeowners insist on their misguided vision, or were the remodelers simply clueless to the harm they were inflicting?

Knowing what I know now, I wish I had handled that homeowner differently 

california remodelers need to know about solar rules

Start familiarizing yourself with solar, California remodelers

remodelers can learn a lot talking to employees

“Learn to really stop and listen,” says Allison Iantosca, president of F.H. Perry Builder. “It creates a dynamic between two people that is not normally there.”

Learning how to coach is part of the leadership skill set

remodelers have to deal with too many product choices, which can make the sales cycle longer

Too many product choices is one of many factors that can lengthen the sales cycle. Others include indecisiveness in selecting a remodeler and fears about the economy.

5 tips for decreasing the time needed to turn a lead into a signed contract

a remodeler crossing out "paid in full" might not solve any problems

Should you cash a final check marked “paid in full” if you dispute the amount that’s owed?  

remodelers need a good social media strategy

3 tips for leveraging social media platforms to their highest potential to market and grow your remodeling company

wilsonart wet wall bath solutions a good product for remodelers

A laminate product meant to rival ceramics in looks, and undermine them in ease of installation

One screw to solve the problem of anchoring into metal studs  

forest management could help reduce the overall carbon footprint of wood

And gives remodelers another reason to salvage materials

In this bathroom for a master suite addition to a Tudor-style home, most of the daylight comes from two north-facing skylights.

Part of a master suite addition to a Tudor-style home in Denver, most of the daylight comes from two north-facing skylights. A monochromatic palette of light colors was chosen, with a contrasting dark stain used for “his” vanity to make it feel more masculine. Interior designer: Kristi Dinner, KD Design; general contractor: Coggeshall Construction

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