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Customer Service

Ask the right questions with homeowners

Use these six kinds of questions to help guide homeowners into the best decisions. 

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Consumers may say they are willing to pay more for green products but that doesn’t mean they actually are.

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Another reason to manage your online profile: Nearly 8 in 10 American adults read consumers reviews before buying

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Just what you need: Another website where you have to manage your professional reputation. 

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Online complaints can be frustrating, but don’t panic if one comes your way.

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Focus on the lifetime value of a customer to make better long-term business decisions. 

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Matt Risinger stands by his building price even if that means losing the job to a less expensive competitor. 

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HVAC contractor Carl Grace’s day is just getting started and he already has more than one dilemma on his hands. 

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If $150 seems like a lot for an hour's worth of work, read on to find out how countertop expert Joseph Corlett breaks down the cost.

 Craig Durosko: Part II: Books that can Improve Your Life and Business

Craig Durosko, GMR, CR, CGP

This month, I wanted to review a few good books I’ve read that focus on personal growth as well as your business.

Mark Richardson, CR

It is time to expand your thinking from not only your own world but also from different sales cultures.

Craig Durosko, GMR, CR, CGP

Look at how you can deliver the best experience to your clients.

David Lupberger

Who does the home check-up on your customers’ houses?

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