Best Practices

connected storms

Not sure this problem is going to blow over 

state of colorado takes action on labor shortage

One state is using legislation to help ease the skilled labor shortage

Nine incorrect principles often held by less successful company owners

Installing a vapor barrier in a sealed crawlspace

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To avoid moisture and mold problems, isolate the crawlspace framing from the soil with a heavy-duty vapor barrier

Installing fat-wall window bucks

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Carefully installed window bucks make for secure fastening and easy alignment of windows and exterior trim 

On the heels of Harvey and Irma, long-time remodeler Dan Bawden draws from his first-hand experience to help affected remodelers cope

pro trade craft fat-wall window flashing

Use wide tape to span the many layers in a thick wall for an air- and water-tight seal

milwaukee tick tracking system package

A tracking system for, well, pretty much anything

Brick to roof flashing

Combine step flashing on the roof with through-wall flashing at the masonry

We are on the cusp of a truly exciting time for women in construction 

Historic changes are about to affect the industry. Are you aware of them? 

Some success habits require skill and practice. Others, such as being on time, just need the right mindset.

ProVia's Wendell Mast provides grout guidelines for remodelers

Mortar and grout techniques can make or break your stone installation

professional remodeler showing how to install stucco above a deck ledger

There are plenty of wrong ways to install stucco on a wall with a deck ledger. Here’s how to do it the right way.

A flashed dormer

For a trouble-free installation, get the overlaps right at roof-to-wall connections

A rating from the Better Business Bureau is a source of pride for some companies, a bitter pill for others

Ben and the crew make up for lost time with a speedy tear down

Planning needs to be automatic in your decision-making processes

One veteran, one remodeler, one disaster 

is the better business bureau, a home for remodelers, failing or not

The Better Business Bureau is striving to stay relevant 

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