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Tips for Qualifying Leads in Today's Market

Jenny Rice developed Icon Building Group's division from the ground up. She talks managing leads and budgets in today's changing market.

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Will You Win or Lose in the New Marketplace?

The world is changing fast, and customers are changing with it. How well you adapt will determine whether you win or lose in the new marketplace.


Existing Home Sales Boom Reaches 5.5-Year High

First-time buyers stepped up their purchases and sellers put more homes on the market this past month, pushing existing homes sales to reach their…

No Need to Compare Contractor Markups

According to remodeling business coach Shawn McCadden, comparing contractor markups can be pointless and very risky. “The decision about what costs…

Sales: When Handling Objections, Less Is More

When it comes to dealing with objections, what you say isn’t all that matters, when you say it is also key to success. Sales people often want to…

A Backstory Is a Remodeler’s Great Advantage in Sales

Learning about a potential client’s backstory is key to sales success

Effective Sales Motivators

Give your sales team a boost with these tips to motivate

Why Sales Shouldn't Include Selling

Most sales departments are fixated on selling. That's a problem.

Economy: Existing Home Sales Activity Picks Up in North America

Strength in the existing home sale sector is good news for remodelers

Sales: Desire for New Amenities Push Homeowners to Remodel

Most homeowners remodel with their comfort in mind first, but more homeowners are remodeling to increase home's value

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