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By Mark Richardson | December 17, 2018

Understanding these changes in the market will help you position your business

By Sal Alfano | November 26, 2018

I was focused on my job, relying on remodeling pros to be focused on theirs. Maybe I got too much of a good thing.

By Mark Richardson | November 14, 2018

Use these tips to increase margins in 2019 

By Mike Damora | November 09, 2018

Every time I go to a trade show I hope it’s different. It is, but it’s also the same.

By Erika Taylor | November 09, 2018

Even in cases where a product has been around, the marketing has changed.

By Mark Richardson | October 26, 2018

Use these tips to increase margins in 2019 

By Jim Cory | October 24, 2018

In an increasingly digital society, many contractors still require cash or check from their customers. But is that the best practice for your business?

By Sal Alfano | October 23, 2018

Winemakers wait years for their creations to mature. Remodelers get more immediate feedback—every new project is like pulling the cork on a new vintage.

By Erika Taylor | October 16, 2018

After a lot of discussion, we decided to focus the study on production staff

By Mike Damora | October 08, 2018

Customers can easily tarnish your reputation with a bad review. Avoid that by holding your company and its people accountable.

By Sal Alfano | October 01, 2018

A written daily log of the who, what, and when of job progress is a good business-survival tool. Audio recordings are even better ... when they’re legal.

By Jim Cory | September 27, 2018

Apps promise to make connecting the customer to a lender a fast and easy part of the sales process

By Mike Damora | September 12, 2018

Discounts and price drops still dazzle some homeowners, but not like they once did

By Erika Taylor | September 03, 2018

What do you want your company to accomplish? Who do you want to be? 

By Mark Richardson | August 30, 2018

Use these strategies to better plan your day   

By Jim Cory | August 23, 2018

Estimating man-hours can be tricky on the tough or unique roofing jobs most companies will walk away from.

By Sal Alfano | August 21, 2018

When more work becomes too much work, it often leads to less profit, not more

By Erika Taylor | August 16, 2018

I believe that the data is accurate but doesn't give the whole picture. 

By Mark Richardson | August 13, 2018

Use these guidelines to protect your profits 

By Michael Stone | August 08, 2018

Are you tempted to reveal your costs to homeowners? Think again. 

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