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By Erika Taylor | August 06, 2019

I had no clear, codified personal mission statement to use as a north star

By Sal Alfano | July 22, 2019

The contract of the future could be a blockchain-verified digital document with embedded, executable code 

By Erika Taylor | July 02, 2019

There are little touches that can create opportunity for many remodelers 

By Sal Alfano | June 21, 2019

Every client’s experience with a newly renovated space asks a question about how well reality measures up to imagination

By Erika Taylor | June 11, 2019

Remodelers are overlooked when it’s time to dole out kudos for a job well done

By Sal Alfano | May 16, 2019

Did the homeowners insist on their misguided vision, or were the remodelers simply clueless to the harm they were inflicting?

By Sal Alfano | April 22, 2019

It’s easier to prevent something from happening than it is to repair the damage after the fact

By Erika Taylor | April 09, 2019

We’ve achieved a tipping point around the adoption of these products

By Sal Alfano | March 26, 2019

When most people call, it’s to talk with a person. Why, then, do automated phone menus offer every option under the sun except that one?

By Erika Taylor | March 25, 2019

Seeing what we push against is as useful as seeing what we are pushing toward

By Mark Richardson | March 19, 2019

When times get tough, it helps to remember what’s good about the industry

By Sal Alfano | February 26, 2019

The larger the management team, the more latency there is in the network. Success depends  on the people, the systems they use, and how often they use them.

By Erika Taylor | February 25, 2019

Many great project managers are unprepared to run a business

By Mark Richardson | February 20, 2019

Supersize your success by creating a process for SGLs with your sales team

By Sal Alfano | January 30, 2019

It was too obvious to miss.

By Erika Taylor | January 29, 2019

What exactly is a Thought Leader anyway? I came up with five descriptions. 

By Mark Richardson | January 25, 2019

Time starved? Use these simple tricks to add precious hours to your week.

By Sal Alfano | January 07, 2019

At the rate technology is changing, early adopters will succeed at the expense of remodelers who take a wait-and-see approach.

By Jim Cory | December 27, 2018

Window veterans reflect on the industry's long-term changes

By Erika Taylor | December 21, 2018

Half of his team quit over a single two-week period. The loss was devastating. 

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