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By Mike Damora | December 07, 2017

A well-run remodeling company needs to be good at marketing 

By Sal Alfano | November 27, 2017

Until we rehabilitate our industry’s sexist reputation, it will be hard to attract women to our vocation

By Jim Cory | November 23, 2017

Tolerating or ignoring sexual harassment could toxify your workplace and set you up for a lawsuit

By Mike Damora | November 09, 2017

The more detailed and transparent you are in your bid, the more likely you are to get a signature on a contract

By Erika Taylor | November 03, 2017

Am I recommending you get on a plane and fly to Italy to look at tile? Yes. 

By Sal Alfano | October 31, 2017

As technology innovations proliferate, those who use them first will win

By Jim Cory | October 27, 2017

When it comes to selling windows, some companies believe something is better than nothing

By Mark Richardson | October 25, 2017

Three steps to mastering something new: Learn it, do it, then teach it

By Erika Taylor | October 23, 2017

On home improvement estimates, feeling ripped off, and transparency

By Mark Richardson | October 18, 2017

This simple checklist will help you plan for a successful 2018 

By Mike Damora | October 12, 2017

When it comes to selling, home improvement is a retail business, with one important difference

By Mark Richardson | October 05, 2017

Regularly contacting past clients is a sure way to increase leads and close more sales

By Sal Alfano | September 29, 2017

For the very young, the very old, and the injured of any age, most homes are an accident waiting to happen

By Jim Cory | September 27, 2017

A series of powerful weather events creates plenty of exterior repair work. But insurance work can easily find you in over your head.

By Erika Taylor | September 25, 2017

When a stone of innovation hits calm water, the ripples can be hard to predict

By Mark Richardson | September 19, 2017

Nine incorrect principles often held by less successful company owners

By Sal Alfano | August 30, 2017

The do-it-for-me generation values a business model that’s different from the way remodelers have always done it

By Jim Cory | August 24, 2017

The best siding companies make proper installation a calling card and point of differentiation

By Mark Richardson | August 17, 2017

Action is a choice. Action is a conscious decision. Action is a success habit.

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