By Dave Yoho | August 07, 2014

Debunking the myths and old-fashioned beliefs about closing.

By Craig Durosko | August 07, 2014

In the first of a four-part series, below are seven of the 25 ways a remodeler can lose money.

By Mark Richardson | August 07, 2014

The following are some simple leadership attributes and skills I believe separate average leaders from great ones. As you reflect on each of these, try to think how you might improve in each criteria as well.

By Mark Richardson | August 07, 2014

Great leaders have great planning skills. They know how to plan and how to execute a plan successfully.

By Craig Durosko | August 07, 2014

The better workplace environment you have, the better candidates you will attract; and in turn, it will make it even easier to create a “Best Place to Work.”

By Dave Yoho | August 06, 2014

Critical strategies for making your next event a success.

By Craig Durosko | August 06, 2014

Don’t assume your beliefs about something are the truth or that they are the same as your clients, peers, employees, or friends.

By David Lupberger | August 06, 2014

As long as the phone rings, they stay busy. But if the phone stops ringing, they would be back to 2008, wondering where the next job was coming from.

By Mark Richardson | August 06, 2014

While there are standards in business in terms of conduct and practice, the leader’s motivation varies dramatically.

By Craig Durosko | August 05, 2014

If you are like many remodelers who sell, most of your systems and processes are in your head.

By Mark Richardson | August 05, 2014

Your business is a vehicle for your growth and passages. It is a platform for others to create their own future.

By Dave Yoho | August 04, 2014

Critical tips for understanding an effective selling process.

By Mark Richardson | August 04, 2014

If you avoid the speed bumps and potholes, your business can experience a chance for growth.

By Craig Durosko | August 04, 2014

How do we pass lessons learned so the next generation will respond better, quicker, and with fewer mistakes?

By David Lupberger | August 04, 2014

Only 1 percent of surveyed business owners rated their successions plans as “excellent.”

By Tim Gregorski | April 24, 2014

I flipped on the television recently and found myself watching the latest of the remodeling/renovation/rehabilitation/makeover/flip this house/home project shows.

By Tim Gregorski | April 03, 2014

For the past three years, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry has conducted a member profile study.

By Tim Gregorski | February 26, 2014

The remodeling industry has a growing problem on its hands that must be addressed immediately. The problem is a shortage of skilled labor, and it’s only going to increase as the economy improves and your backlog of projects grows.

By Tim Gregorski | January 31, 2014

NARI member strength of sales in 4Q increased to 6.41, up from 6.12.

By Tim Gregorski | January 03, 2014

Let’s start the year off with some good news. If the remodeling industry continues at the pace recorded at the end of last year, remodelers will experience a fourth consecutive year of increased spending in 2014.

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