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Innovative Products: HIDFast’s EDGEFast Deck Fastener

The fastest deck fastener we’ve seen yet

December 14, 2017

As anyone who attended this year’s Remodeling Show can attest, an abundance of decking-related vendors and decking was on display, which made standing out in that particular home improvement category somewhat of a challenge. But you wouldn’t have known that talking with Glenn Tebo, president of HIDFast, a company that manufactures its own pneumatic deck-fastening tools, the newest of which is called EDGEFast. Tebo is extremely confident and enthusiastic about the product, and the live demonstration seemed to back up his claims. 

“EDGEFast is five times faster than any other fastener,” Tebo says, adding, “it holds 100 fasteners in its drop-load magazine, has a detachable nose to make clearing jams easy, and it’s set on a pivoting base.” 

That last part is the most important innovation. 

Though it’s hard to confirm Tebo’s claim of 5x speed, we can say with certainty that EDGEFast is, indeed, quicker than other fastening tools we’ve seen. Tebo demonstrated that, with the tool’s pivoting base, deck professionals are able to quickly line up the tool along a joist, shoot in a fastener, pivot the tool without having to lift and realign it, and then shoot the next fastener into a separate board. So, basically, you can fasten two boards with the speed of one. Furthermore, the tool includes interchangeable spacer plates for zero gap, ⅛ inch, 3/16 inch, and ¼ inch. 

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