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Innovative Products: Camo EdgeXMetal Clips

A hidden clip for metal framing featuring a drill-point screw that can engage within two seconds

October 15, 2020
EdgexMetal Clip for metal framing

As the price of pressure-treated lumber escalates, one alternative for remodelers is to use metal framing for decks. There’s one catch: Screwing through wood? Easy. Screwing through metal? Cue the headache. Metal does not accept fasteners as easily as wood and many metal frame fastening systems are cumbersome to install. But Camo has launched a new hidden clip for metal framing designed for easy installation: The Camo EdgeXMetal Clip.

A Solution For Rising Lumber Prices

“The clips are launching at a time when contractors are exploring steel and metal framing options given the current shortage and rising costs of pressure treated lumber,” says W. Scott Baker, CEO, National Nail, manufacturer of Camo fasteners. “EdgeXMetal Clips are a direct response to slow, expensive hidden fasteners for decks built on metal framing.” Professionals can use the clips for both  indoor and outdoor applications.

Camo EdgexMetal Clips

Install By Hand To Any Grooved Board

EdgeXMetal Clips are one-pass fasteners that are similar to Camo’s clips for wood framing, but the key difference is the screw—EdgeXMetal features a drill-point screw that engages in less than two seconds, rather than a self-tapping screw for wood. 

EdgeXMetal Clips fasten to any grooved deck board including composite, capped composite, PVC, and hardwood on a metal substructure. Professionals can install by hand using the contractor’s drill. For up to five times faster installation, the company offers a Camo Drive stand-up tool, which also uses an existing drill.

The wings of the clip fit into the groove of the board, securing it before fastening, and the 304 Stainless Steel gusset holds the boards down, which reduces lateral movement. The gusset features a black zinc coating to protect against salt spray corrosion, and the 410 stainless steel screw uses a black ecoat that is compatible with ACQ lumber.

Camo EdgexMetal clip

Works At Any Angle

Contractors can lay out several rows of boards and EdgeXMetal Clips, lock them in place with two to four bending/locking tools and fasten while standing up, resulting in a 5mm gap. The clips work with deck boards at any angle on 14–18GA metal framing. Boards must be a minimum of ⅛” tall x ¼” deep, and the material under the groove should be at least ¼”. The clips are available in 90ct and 450ct pails, which include T15 driver bits and the guide. A 450ct pail covers roughly 250 square feet of decking.

Though Camo EdgeXMetal Clips are compatible with metal framing, they’re not recommended for aluminum joists due to corrosion.

Ships From Where You Already Shop

Distributed through Amazon, a 90ct pail costs just under $75 while the 450ct comes in around $305 and are returnable within 30 days of purchase. Pros can also find them via a local dealer. 

EdgeXMetal Clips are backed by a warranty to match the longevity of the boards and substructure, when installed according to Camo guidelines. 

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