Pro's Picks: Edgexmetal Clips, Camo Lever

A deck fastener system designed for metal framing that can save remodelers time and money. 

April 09, 2021
Camo edgexmetal clips for metal framing

Bruce VerblaauwBruce Verblaauw

C. Verblaauw & Sons / Mahwah, N.J.            

Camo Edgexmetal clips and lever

Because of the high cost of pressure-treated lumber, we’re seeing a lot of composite deck boards and metal framing. We use Edgexmetal clips, which are designed for metal framing, and Camo’s lever, which straightens the boards and locks them into place.

We had a recent composite job in Upper Saddle River, N.J. The homeowner wanted a metal frame, so we used a cold-pressed steel frame product that was easy to install, sturdy, and affordable. We secured the decking with Edgexmetal clips as fasteners for an angled deck pattern. 

My crew uses three Camo Lever tools to straighten and lock the boards in place as they fasten them. It’s like having another set of hands. 

Most metal-frame fasteners are two separate pieces, and you have to line them up with your fingertips, which is very slow. The Edgexmetal clip goes into the groove and stands up on its own in one piece, and then you just go up and down the board with a drill. The wings of the clips fit into the grooves of the boards, securing them before fastening, and the clips’ stainless steel gussets hold the boards down. 

Camo claims if you use the clips plus the lever and driver, it speeds up deck installation by up to five times, and I would tend to agree. 

Given the current shortage of pressure-treated lumber, we plan to continue to use steel framing, Edgexmetal clips, and the Camo lever.

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