December 2017

December 14, 2017


Two updates to the popular social media platforms that every home improvement business owner should know about

A tale of two young entrepreneurs 

Design meetings that involve every employee generate better results and a deeper understanding of the project

Follow these three rules for better indoor air quality in the home

A look at the strategies that went into the sale of 1-800-Hansons

ODL minimizes maintenance and increases safety with these blinds-between-glass windows and doors

The fastest deck fastener we’ve seen yet

This extrusion does double duty as both a hidden fastener and a deck drainage system

A dustless solution that doesn’t sacrifice speed or accuracy

Two cool new products, and one 'immensely popular' one add up to a hat trick for Feeney

These metal plates restore strength to joists that have encountered an overzealous plumber

Time-tested architectural elements in masonry buildings not only look good, but serve to channel water away from the walls

A hole saw and a scrap of drywall make for a strong, invisible patch

Project specification documents have a big impact on a remodeler’s profit. Follow these guidelines to make sure they’re detailed, clear, and accurate. 

Transforming a 1930s Orlando home into a showcase of contemporary living

Social media, a tight job market, and advancing technology give remodelers cause to rethink their companies’ adaptability

Open-web floor trusses are great for routing utilities, but having to custom order them can hold up a framing schedule. Enter TrimJoist. 

A lightweight, cordless blower that pushes air out at hurricane-force speeds

Until we rehabilitate our industry’s sexist reputation, it will be hard to attract women to our vocation

Product selection is taking longer and longer. Here’s how to guide the process.

Are surveyor’s drawings entitled to the same protections as an architect’s blueprints? That depends.

Ads list what they want in a candidate, but nothing about what they offer

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