Pro's Picks: HEPA 360° Air Scrubber

A two-part air filtration system that keeps the jobsite clean. 

August 07, 2020
HEPA Air Scrubber

Louis Weiherk

Louis Weiher

President and Owner of Carmel Builders

Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin



I got my first BuildClean HEPA air scrubber around five years ago. It is a two-part air filteration system. The coarse pre-filter traps the bigger things you can see, and a HEPA filters out everything you can’t see. We use one on every single job because if you can’t keep a job clean, you’re going to lose the confidence of your clients.  

The first project we used one on was a condo demo with a limited ability to open up. It was so hazy. The air scrubber cleared it out in about 15 to 20 minutes, a noticeable difference from previous projects where we used a fan to vent air out a window. 

The scrubber has an auto setting that will turn the unit on when needed, so we leave it on nearly 24/7 unless asked to turn it off, as it does make noise. We change the course pre-fitler every job, and the inner HEPA filter gets changed out twice a year.

Any dust in the work space is drawn into the unit and vented out of the house, preventing it from migrating to other rooms or into forced air systems. That was important a year ago, but it’s even more important today with the coronavirus. I don’t want my guys getting sick on the job because it’s so dusty. A lot of times you tear open these houses and inside the walls there is all sorts of gunk that can get people sick.

Though we’re busy, we can’t produce at the same volume that we could six months ago. Keeping the air clean can help keep your workers healthy. If employees get sick, that costs real money. The BuildClean unit pays for itself in a year because it helps keep my workers from getting sick and falling out of the workforce.

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