Innovative Products: Local Mode for Flo by Moen

Protect renovations from leaks during construction and beyond with Local Mode for Flo by Moen's detection system. 

June 08, 2021
Local mode flo by moen

The last thing remodelers want is for a burst pipe to ruin a newly renovated kitchen. With the new Local Mode for Flo by Moen Smart Water Shutoff, contractors can protect against leaks in an ongoing project without Wi-Fi and while they are offsite.

If the Smart Water Shutoff detects a leak in the home’s main water line, it will automatically shut off the water to prevent water damage.

“Many job sites don’t have Wi-Fi up and running during the construction or renovation process,” says Suzy Street, product manager of digital & IoT at Moen. “By installing the Smart Water Shutoff early in the construction process, professionals can now protect their new builds and major renovation projects from leaks every step of the way.”

A water shut-off system that protects renovations from water damage

In Local Mode, the device only needs pressurized pipes and AC power to function 24/7, according to the company. By connecting to the home’s main water line, the Smart Water Shutoff analyzes the pressure and flow rate within the home’s water supply system to detect leaks or pipe bursts.

The system can also include Flo by Moen Smart Water Detectors, 3.5-inch sensors that can be placed in areas of the home such as the basement that are susceptible to water damage. These sensors can help identify when and where water is leaking and can function in the new Local Mode without Wi-Fi. If a sensor detects a leak, the unit will make noise and blink. The sensors are battery-operated.

Remodelers can pre-plumb the home for future use during the renovation process. Once the project is complete, the system can be connected to WiFi, and homeowners will gain access to Flo by Moen’s full features, including daily health tests for the plumbing network, remote control over the system via a smartphone app, and an analysis of water usage.

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