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Top 100 Products for 2021: Tools & Equipment

Tools & Equipment

Top 100 Products for 2021: Tools & Equipment

Products from Buildclean, EazyHang, Custom Building Products, Pelican, Titebond Construction Adhesive, Occipital, Mapei, PaintLine, DAP, Form-a-Drain, ZipWall and Bostik. 

By Pro Remodeler Staff July 22, 2021

BuildClean HEPA Filter

1. BuildClean

The BuildClean HEPA air scrubber is a two-part air filtration system. The coarse pre-filter traps the bigger things you can see, and a HEPA filters out everything you can’t. The scrubber has an auto setting that will turn the unit on when needed. Dust in the work space is drawn into the unit and vented out of the house, preventing it from migrating to other rooms or into forced air systems.

EazyHang Hang it Yourself

2. Hang-It-Yourself (Formerly EazyHang)

Hang-It-Yourself is a cabinet installation system built to save time and hang cabinets level every time. Because it’s a cleat system, remodelers can cut the rail to fit. Once the rail system is in place, remodelers can mount the brackets on the back of the cabinet and you lift it up, slide it against the rail, and wait to hear it click in place. You can mount the system flush so you can get it almost all the way to the ceiling, or you can install it in the back where you can install a crown to hide it. 

custom building products grout

3. Custom Building Products

Custom Building Products has introduced eight grout colors: Steel Blue (shown), Arctic White, Cool White, Coffee Bean, Brown Velvet, Ash, Warm Gray and Shadow. Custom’s grouts come in 40 hues, so users can handle everything from tile patterns to natural stone installations. The company also enhanced its Polyblend grout, and the result is Polyblend Plus, which has brighter, enhanced color and is more efflorescence resistant without compromising durability.

Pelican brief

4. Pelican

The EZ-Click MOLLE Panel by Pelican is the only quick-release MOLLE mounting system that can withstand temperatures from 0 °F to 140 °F. The panel is made to fit into the inside of the container’s lid, allowing pros to secure the tools they need to the lid organizer’s grid and then lock it into place. With the quick-release design, users can easily remove the panel and reorganize the lid without the hassle of extra tools. 

titebond construction adhesives weather master

5. Titebond Construction Adhesives

Titebond Construction Adhesives’ WeatherMaster Ultimate MP Sealant offers high-performance characteristics of other WeatherMaster sealants plus the value and convenience of a multipurpose product. It seals windows and doors; metal and vinyl siding; offers waterproofing and general roofing applications; works on vents, gutters, exterior applications and more. Available in 18 colors, including translucent. Its low VOC content meets LEED, NAHB, CARB and Green Globes building standards. 

canvas by occipital

6. Occipital

With the free Canvas app by Occipital, remodelers can quickly take room measurements and create CAD-ready, 3D files compatible with programs such as Revit, SketchUp, and Chief Architect. The 3D files are only accessible through payment, which is determined by square footage. The scanner app utilizes the LiDAR sensor inside a smartphone’s camera to measure depth. While image-based measuring is up to 95% accurate, LiDAR-based scans are accurate up to 99%. 

maipei grout

7. Mapei Group

Mapei Group’s Ultracolor Plus Max grout offers two additional shades: Pure White and Jet Black. Suitable for grouting tile and stone joint widths from 1/16” to 3/4”. Such fine-sand aggregate means there’s no scratching of delicate tiles and stones. This grout features DropEffect technology, which reduces surface absorption to help repel water, dirt and grime from penetrating grout joints. Meets or exceeds ANSI A118.7 for high-performance cement grouts. 

paintline sbpj

8. PaintLine

The Portable Jobsite Spray Booth (PJSB) by PaintLine is an in-shop painting, refinishing, and processing solution that allows pros to finish projects onsite. Pros can use the PJSB for on-site spraying, finishing, and processing work like sanding, routing, or tile cutting. The booth features a collapsible aluminum extrusion frame and support poles. One person can assemble the PJSB in about 15 minutes with no tools.

DAP Eclipse

9. DAP

These revolutionary patches are DAP’s fastest, strongest and thinnest drywall repair solution and make completing repairs so simple, anyone can complete a mess-free repair in minutes instead of hours or days. Developed to solve the most frequent drywall repair frustrations faced by both pros and DIYers, Eclipse is a specially formulated all-in-one drywall repair solution that requires no spackling, sanding or additional tools for a completely mess-free repair.


10. Form-a-Drain

Designed for basement applications, Form-A-Drain Plus is a 3-in-1 foundation solution that forms footings, provides an integrated drainage system and can be easily adapted to vent radon where needed. Unlike standard wood forms, the lineals stay in place permanently after the concrete pour. Rigid PVC construction minimizes the possibility of a collapsed or crushed drainage system. The company claims that its system saves contractors time as installation can be done in one day.

ZipWall passthrough

11. ZipWall

Create a dust barrier in minutes with the ZipWall Dust Barrier PassThrough. Easily pass a duct hose up to 14” in diameter through a ZipWall dust barrier. The PassThrough mounts onto any ZipWall pole to support the weight of a duct hose while maintaining the integrity of the barrier. A nylon fabric sleeve seals around the hose with a quick cinch. When the hose is removed, the sleeve can be cinched closed for a complete seal.

bostik vct lock tile adhesive

12. Bostik

Bostik’s VCT-Lock tile adhesive is approved for use over “cutback” stain, is solvent-free and dries translucent. Tiles can be laid into the adhesive for an extended period of time after drying. VCT-Lock is highly water resistant when dry. It contains an advanced antimicrobial system to protect the adhesive from bacteria and fungus. It may be used with most manufacturers’ vinyl composition tiles. Designed for interior installations only.

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