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July/August 2020

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July/August 2020

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4 Ways to Get Green Buy-In

Get clients onboard for greener material and product options

How To Lift Serious Weight

This site-built lever solves the problem of safely lifting and supporting a heavy load while working solo.  ​​​​

Time for Transition

Four tips to streamline the transition from an antiquated to modern (and increasingly necessary) data management system.

Pro's Picks: Leap

An all-encompassing software solution for home improvement companies that handles financing, contracts, and more.

A Lifetime of Experience

How Mad City Windows Marketing Director Josh Yager's life lessons turned him into the trainer, coach, and leader he is today.

Pro's Picks: HEPA 360° Air Scrubber

A two-part air filtration system that keeps the jobsite clean. 

Top 100 Products for 2020

The year's top 100 products as decided by you, our readers

5 Ways Remodelers Can Host Webinars for Lead Generation

Grow leads by showcasing your company online. Here’s how to do it right. 

False Positives

Don’t rely on today’s trends to make decisions for your business. You may be seeing a false positive. Here are some common examples. 

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