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MAC Metal Architectural from Acme Brick replaces a failing façade; from buckled and bent to beautiful.

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MAC Metal Architectural from Acme Brick replaces a failing façade; from buckled and bent to beautiful.

MAC Metal Architectural from Acme Brick replaces a failing façade; from buckled and bent to beautiful. A two story Fort Worth ENT building suffered from extensively water damaged natural wood siding. Acme Brick suggested MAC Metal Architectural Harrywood siding as a fix – a sturdy and lightweight metal panel designed to look like natural sealed cedar. Six months later the building is back to looking as polished as it did on day 1. 

October 17, 2023
Horizontal side by side comparison of three sections of a building façade with windows above and below, top image shows warm orange metal wood panels have replaced the bottom image original warped and water damaged wood siding.
After and before – extensive water damage and warping have been replaced by Cedar MAC Metal Architectural Harrywood planks, restoring the look of sealed wood.

A brief history of the problem 

Not long after ENT Fort Worth at Clearfork was completed, its distinctive reclaimed Brazilian hardwood sections showed strain. Despite successful installations elsewhere across the country, the first six months of North Texas weather exacted a toll. Tight seams separated, and the wood discolored and warped, popping nails, and tilting and twisting out of its frame. That was before. Before, that is, the neighbors at Acme Brick suggested MAC Metal Architectural as a redeeming replacement solution.

A close up shot of what appears to be a warm orange and brown sealed grained cedar wood, which is in fact metal siding from MAC Metal.

“It is frustrating, as an architect, to research a product, and to have it fail. We consulted with the original siding vendor on specifications, details, and installation. Nonetheless, we saw issues within the first year—board twist and warp. We tried simple modifications, consulting with the supplier, but it became evident that the original wood material could not withstand the Texas climate. We began researching a replacement, but strict rules on materiality in Clearfork meant limited solutions for a wood alternative. Having Acme Brick around the corner helped. Representatives watching the problems unfold reached out about MAC Metal, which compared well to fiber cement and other metal products, especially for long-term maintenance.

                             “The MAC panels maintained the warmth and varied appearance of the wood siding and kept the same sight lines. Replacement was simple. Once the siding was removed, and vapor barrier and sheathing inspected, the MAC panels were installed. The overall wall profile did not change. We were able to finish in six months, working in sections, in a continuous process. In the end, building materials must be beautiful and durable. We are pleased with the final product and can rest easy in the assurance of the MAC Metals system.”                             

— Steven Halliday, AIA, leed ap, 97w


Location of the job and the name of the client

ENT Fort Worth, 5751 Edwards Ranch Rd Ste 200, Fort Worth, TX 76109
Owner: Dodson Development, Arlington
Architect: 97w, Fort Worth
General Contractor: Fort Construction, Fort Worth

What was needed for the solution 

MAC Metal Architectural, Harrywood, in Cedar installed over 6 months

Front of the Fort Worth ENT building façade shows off MAC Metal Cedar Harrywood not only around the windows but along the top and soffit.

How it was solved, including design objectives and economic benefits

MAC Metal offers the remarkable option of a wood appearance without the continual wood maintenance. Six different grain patterns and three different wood tones in each box ensure a variegated, natural look. Installers randomize the pattern, working with 12-foot long panels that have a 6 1/16” lap exposure. Fasteners are concealed, and the Harrywood profile can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Its 25-year fade warranty and 40-year product warranty rest on a PVDF paint system that includes a zinc primer, two paint primer coats, and three top coats on the exposed face.

Acme Brick


Acme Brick

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