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It’s Possible™ for strong materials to build stronger reputations.

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It’s Possible™ for strong materials to build stronger reputations.

Hardie® siding is designed for durability and Engineered for Climate®, so you get beautiful results and homeowners who are happy for years to come.

August 10, 2023
JamesHardie 2023

We know that contractors take pride in their work, and when your projects look good, so does your business. James Hardie has built a reputation on quality and durability, and when you use Hardie® products, that reputation extends to you. 
Hardie® fiber cement products are designed to stand up to even the harshest elements, helping to ensure they look great for the long haul. So it’s no wonder that contractors like Josh Dembicki of Bellwether Homes choose Hardie® products.  
“Hardie® fiber cement products excel in terms of performance and durability. When compared to other hard siding alternatives, including engineered wood and competing fiber cement brands, Hardie® consistently outperforms," he explains.

The Hardie® Difference

Hardie® siding is uniquely formulated to resist the effects of humidity and moisture. Compared to wood-based siding, it better resists shrinking, swelling and cracking as the weather changes.

Hardie® products are also made of material that doesn’t attract woodpeckers, termites or other pests. Unfortunately, despite preventative efforts, wood-based products can be damaged by pests, leading to costly repairs.

Wood-based products are a natural fuel for fire. But Hardie® siding won’t ignite when exposed to a direct flame or help feed a fire.

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The Hardie® Zone System

Different climates have different needs. That’s why we created the Hardie® Zone System. Using this system, we can engineer siding with specific features that deliver the performance necessary where the product is being used. 

The HZ5® product line is made for climates with freezing temperatures, extreme seasonal temperature variations, and snow and ice, such as the northern Midwest and northeastern United States. In addition to designing the drip edge for improved water management, we've engineered the siding for exceptional paint adhesion and moisture resistance.

The HZ10® product line is made for climates with hurricane-force winds, salty sea air and the brutal, humid heat of the Deep South. Naturally, this line is recommended for the West Coast and the southern United States. It has been engineered to resist cracking, splitting, rotting and swelling from moisture, including in the hot, humid tropical storm season.

Above all, Hardie® products are designed to last. That’s why contractors like Terry Stamman of Twin Cities Siding Professionals trust us with their projects. “Performance- and durability-wise, Hardie® siding outperforms other fiber cement and hardboard products on the market,” he explains.

Visit JamesHardiePros.com to learn more about our products and how we can support your business.


James Hardie
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