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Smart breakers and surge protection are giving homeowners more

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Smart breakers and surge protection are giving homeowners more

Why are electricians installing smart breakers and surge protection? Everything is getting smarter and homeowners, whether new or retrofit, are demanding more.

October 28, 2022
Leviton Smart Breakers installed in a renovated basement for enhanced energy data and safety

A brief history of the problem


  • A surge strip only protects things that are plugged-in. What about the washer/dryer, gym equipment, electric oven, and all the other electronic smart devices in a home? Don’t you want customers to know what’s happening and be alerted as soon as it happens? Don’t they want to see their energy consumption and have the ability to trip something remotely if they accidentally left it turned on?
  • With household basics from refrigerators to lighting becoming increasingly Smart in functionality, it’s important for the Load Center to provide not only safe power, but smart power. The Leviton Load Center with optional Smart Connectivity offers the ideal upgrade for a whole home smart solution. Connected to the My Leviton app, users can see estimated monthly energy bills, dive into graphs and charts for each individual smart circuit to see real-time and historic data, and get alerts when anomalies occur, even if you left the electric oven on for a few too many hours. Everything else in the home today is smart, why not the breaker box also?
  • This panel offers advanced surge protection for modern electronics and appliances, reducing the risk of damage from spikes and surges entering the property through AC power lines.

Leviton Load Center with Smart Breakers and Surge in garage brings intelligence and protection to every device in the home

Everything in your home is smart, why not the breaker box?

  • These days, seasoned homeowners seek out modern upgrades for their homes so they can enjoy the convenience of the latest technology by way of products that add value to their investment. Historically, updating their home’s load center was not at the top of the list - but it is now!
  • Upstate Electrical Solutions in Greenville, S.C., noted that his company has had a lot of success installing the Leviton Load Center in existing homes (built between the 1940’s and 1980’s) so homeowners can enjoy the benefits of today’s technology.
  • They’re doing complete panel upgrades when customers are adding on additions, renovating kitchens and baths, or simply want to ensure they can see and understand the energy data occurring daily in their homes.

Smart and Safe with Leviton breakers and My Leviton app

  • With optional Smart circuit breakers, the Leviton Load Center takes power distribution and elevates it to power management. Users can take advantage of smart functionality by using the My Leviton app, which gives them access to load center data including real time energy consumption, system status/indications if critical loads need to be addressed, when and why a circuit breaker trips and so much more. 
  • “This product is very well thought out and much more robust,” said Mr. Ramirez, “ Techies love it!” 
  • Additionally, the sleek, modern design featuring a white enclosure with optional observation window offers an attractive solution for retrofits. As Mr. Ramirez notes, “Customers love the look. Not all load centers are in the garage, often in older homes they are inside the home in a hallway. The Leviton Load Center is a cleaner look.”
  • So it’s important that the panel is fast and easy to install, but more important that the end-user understands it, that they can clearly see when something is tripped, and that it’s attractive.
  • For the price of a standard high-end panel, customers can now receive energy updates, see their bill, and ensure the entire panel is protected with a single breaker (or optional surge protection unit outside the panel).


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