Remodeling Product Previews for February 2009

New product reviews plus a review of countertops, surfaces and doors

January 31, 2009

Bond jokes not allowed

Elkay's Mystic Martini is a unique undermount sink that can easily be installed to a 27-inch base cabinet. This sink has an overall length of 22 inches at its widest point, a width of 20½ inches from front to back and a sloping bowl depth of 5½ inches.

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Retaining beauty

Got an eye for landscaping? Zero in on this. Millenia Wall Solutions' recycled polymer retaining walls offer refined aesthetics, outstanding durability, labor-saving installation efficiency and a lower environmental impact than traditional wall products. Now with 90 degree corners, Millenia SC100 wall units can be used for freestanding border walls, columns, terraces, pilasters and planters.

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Fence in the abode

Fiberon's Enclave fencing features a realistic wood grain in three natural-looking wood hues. The fences don't require any preservatives, stain or paint; this is thanks to the same multi-chromatic technology used on the popular Tropics line. Enclave is made in a choice of two picket widths and styles: 3½-inch pickets are offered in gothic and square top styles, while the 7-inch pickets are offered in dog ear and square-top styles.

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Coming soon to a thumb near you

The Plumb Solid-Steel Hammer with Nail-Starter and Plumb Pro Series Fiberglass Hammer, both made by Cooper Tools, offer exciting new features. The Plumb Solid-Steel Hammer with Nail-Starter includes a magnetic “thumb-saving” nail starter, which holds nails in position for easy starting. The oversized striking area of the head is part of the new weight-forward design and creates better balance.

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Blending style

Hakatai's Emperia series of glass and stone blends is an eye-catching twist on conventional mosaic tile blends. The line combines the shimmer of iridescent glass tile with the Old World feel of stone. The four rich, earth tone blends are made in 7/8 by 17/8-inch tiles and are mesh-mounted in an aligned pattern.

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What a contrast

Need some striking large-format tiles? With solid black charcoal and off-white, extra-large format tiles, Eliane's Contrast Collection incorporates different chromatic and graphic elements in each special composed piece of wall and floor tile. Contrast is offered in extra large 18- by 36-inch formats to allow combinations of rich contrasts to appear as a whole. Complementary tiles are also available.

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Mossy green grows in all directions

The Mossy Green, described as “Warm golden sandstone color with a subtle texture created by clear and brown recycled glass particles,” is one of the latest in DuPont's Zodiaq Terra Collection of countertops. The entire suite of products contains at least 50 percent pre-consumer recycled glass.

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Modern mosaics

Three different color schemes make up Ilva S.A.'s recently launched Patch Series. The one-of-a-kind porcelain mosaic tile series with an ultra-contemporary look is available in 2.6 by 2.6-inch, 3.8 by 3.8-inch and 7.6 by 3.8-inch mesh-mounted mosaics on two different-sized sheets: 14 by 14 inches and 16 by 16 inches.

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Artistic doors

Simpson's Artist Collection doors look nice enough to end up in a gallery in SoHo. The doors are 1¾-inches thick, 3 feet wide and can be specified in heights of 6'8", 7 feet or 8 feet. Species include Douglas fir, Western hemlock, red oak, knotty alder, maple, cherry, mahogany, and a variety of others through Simpson's Custom Door Manufacturing Facility.

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Expanding horizons

A new double-paned, vinyl-framed sliding glass door made as a replacement for worn-out doors or as a new opening has hit the market. Made by Rosati Windows, the sliding glass doors sport 1-inch double panes with argon gas, welded sashes, dual-seal weather-stripping and heavy-duty screens.

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So rustic you can see the tumbleweeds

The Rustic Collection of entry door systems from Peachtree Doors and Windows provides a plank-style, alder-grain entry door in low-maintenance, energy-efficient fiberglass. Available in 6'8" and 8-foot heights, the Rustic Collection entry door systems are available in several configurations.

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