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Savanté Wine Cellars

2017 Design Awards Winner: Residential Specialty Design

September 05, 2017

"The work of someone at the top of their craft." 

Savanté Wine Cellars, Denver

Remodeler: David Coggeshall

Architect: Todd Remington

Interior Designer: Marjie Goode

Photographer: Steve Mohlenkemp

This spectacular wine cellar holds the client’s 3,000-bottle collection. The center carousel (above) allows users to slowly spin each wheel to find the exact bottle for the evening’s conversation. The room’s shape required curved racks, so steam bending was used to create the flowing curves of the racking, crown molding, and case storage (right). The whole room is insulated with foam to help maintain a constant temperature of 55˚ F for the wine.

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