Innovative Products: Lenova 9”-Deep Apron-Front Sink

A farmhouse sink you don’t have to build around

February 09, 2018
lenova deep apron front sink

Deep apron-front sinks are a staple of contemporary kitchen design, and a must-have in modern farmhouse kitchens. But they come with a catch: They’re often too big for standard-sized cabinetry. 

Lenova’s Drawer-Depth Apron Front Sinks are a direct response to that problem. 

The company’s new collection includes a double bowl configuration measuring 33” x 21⅞” x 9” and two single-bowl designs measuring 33” or 30” wide, all with a 9” deep face. The measurements are crucial for this collection because unlike most farmhouse sinks, they adhere to standard sink base sizes. 

“These sinks install on a standard 30-, 33-, or 36-inch sink base, so when you’re pricing out a kitchen, you don’t have to also price out a custom cabinet,” says Jay Beaumont, national sales and marketing manager at Lenova. The effect is doubly beneficial for remodelers with clients who may want their kitchens updated, but not totally rebuilt. “It means people who want to keep their cabinets but upgrade to an apron-front sink have that option.” 

Additionally, Lenova’s new drawer-depth, apron-front sinks include two additional design upgrades: a formed ledge on the sink’s front and back end, which allows homeowners to turn the sink into a food cleanup and prep center; and a curved face. “[These features] won’t make the install any easier (or harder), but the homeowner will appreciate them,” Beaumont says. 

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