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Forty Under 40: Josh McDermott, J.T. McDermott Remodeling Contractors

Balancing the needs of clients with those of the business creates an ethical, profitable company

April 05, 2017


J.T. McDermott Remodeling Contractors, Belleville, Ill.

2016 Revenue: $2.6 million

12 employees

Best Practice: McDermott bought the company from his father at the end of 2015, and his goal is moderate, controlled growth. He’s taking on larger jobs, has updated the company website, and has expanded his marketing into more affluent areas. As a business owner, McDermott’s core belief is that acting with integrity and professionalism honors both his clients and the industry. He thinks of his business as serving two masters: the customer and the company’s employees. That attitude is what prompted his decision to require a design and planning retainer from potential clients before a bid is created or any work is done. After witnessing his team spend valuable time bidding on every job inquiry, and even taking prospects shopping for materials without their commitment to move forward with his company, McDermott changed his sales process to maximize his team’s time. “We look for long-term relationships with both employees and customers,” he says.

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