preventing lost profits in remodeling

Use these tips to increase margins in 2019 

Even in cases where a product has been around, the marketing has changed.

Use these tips to increase margins in 2019 

A detailed look at how much production teams are paid in different markets around the country 

Surgeons, attorneys, and other professionals aren't expected to open their books for you, so why should contractors be any different?

Are you tempted to reveal your costs to homeowners? Think again. 

We could soon be calling it a multi-billion-dollar company

A Baltimore-based remodeler is trying to take advantage of convenient, mobile payment options

Moving from scarcity to specificity

The most successful remodeling companies today have changed how they look at sales and production

zak fleming and marc black remodeling

A tale of two young entrepreneurs 

The city of Austin

Austin, Texas, fights to keep its citizens in place and well-housed

hurricane harvey, irma affect remodelers

Remodelers will be among the first called upon to start rebuilding

four remodelers thoughts on transparency in pricing in the home improvement industry

Four remodeling industry veterans’ thoughts on transparency

state of colorado takes action on labor shortage

Using legislation to help ease the skilled labor shortage

Wallet squeezed in a C-clamp


Some economists suggest the U.S. is overdue for a downturn. Here are key steps to take to prepare your company in case they’re right.  

Donald Trump


The effect of announced plans to change or eliminate the Affordable Care Act, scale back taxes, and rein in OSHA enforcement will likely not be seen right away

female worker on construction jobsite

Photo: Flickr user Seattle Municipal Archives (CC by 2.0)

Women remodelers earning 3.6 percent weekly more than men

Recent research finds that more and more adults—in every age category—are staying or returning home. What will that mean for housing?

Weatherization, Paul Sableman, Michigan, WAP

The federal Weatherization Assistance Program provides families with energy-saving products. One study claims the uprfront investments are about twice the actual savings. Many in the industry disagree. Photo: Paul Sableman

Remodeling experts respond to a study claiming that weatherizing a home costs more than it saves

Most Americans Think We’re Still in the Housing Crisis

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A majority of Americans are pessimistic about buying a home

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