Study Found Many College “Graduates” Lie on Their Résumé Without Intending To

September 22, 2014

Earlier last week, David Tovar, vice president of retail giant Wal-Mart, resigned because the company uncovered he hadn’t finished all the courses he needed for the degree listed on his résumé, NBC News reports.

Many Americans are on the same boat as Tovar. So many, in fact, that there are advocacy groups dedicated to help them. In many cases, these almost-graduates have been awarded their diploma, but simply “hadn’t filled out the last bit of paperwork or paid a library or parking fine.” To many of the 17 percent of Americans with some college degree, the fact that they hadn’t yet earned the degree is a surprise that comes much later after being contacted by résumé verifying research firms.

Read ​the full story at NBC News.

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