Google’s New Wireless Plan Can Help You Save Money

April 24, 2015

The search engine giant Google recently announced its new service, Project Fi, which is a contract-free phone plan, Computer World reports.

According to the product description, Project Fi – which is currently available by invitation only, and currently for use only on the Nexus 6 – uses a combination of Sprint’s and T-Mobile’s network, with possibility that it will expand in the future.

In addition, the service will also make use of public and authorized private Wi-Fi networks with added security. What makes Project Fi special is that it automatically and seamlessly switches between any available cell and Wi-Fi networks to give users the strongest possible signal.

With only one universal plan - $20 a month for unlimited talk and text plus $10 a month per gigabyte of cellular data, Computer World compared Project Fi with today’s existing plans, and found that this new one can help users save more money.

Read the full review at Computer World.

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