Home improvement business owners – the Sales Rep Mobile App helps your team be more effective and productive… and it’s free to all improveit! 360 users. The app provides fast, reliable access to data – from the mobile device of your choice. In a home or on the road, your sales pros can see their leads, calendar, maps, notes, and even personal sales analytics. Our app provides a 2-way sync with their phone or tablet to the office and back – meaning your reps operate in real-time. They can even work offline when there’s no signal.

Here are some highlights:

•Get appointments automatically added to the calendar by your office
•Check your schedule, upcoming tasks and calendar in real-time
•View a map to your next appointment
•Keep working even if there’s no signal or Wi-Fi
•Schedule appointments on your phone so the office can see your time blocks
•See weekly or monthly sales performance metrics
•Enter leads into the system from the floor of at trade show or event
•Show prospects examples of your work by seeing which customers are nearby
•Enter the result of appointments and notify the office in real-time

improveit! 360 is a proven solution for home improvement businesses. And we’re more than a CRM tool – we’re a complete business management system built exclusively for remodeling companies, replacement contractors, and home pros.

Our system is an investment in your business that delivers quantifiable returns with a closed-loop lead management process – meaning our web-based software allows your team to automatically follow best practices when it comes to:

•Managing leads
•Generating leads
•Scheduling your appointments
•Handling your production
•Running your profit reports

Start working smarter, not harder, with the industry’s most simple-to-learn contractor software system created to help you permanently improve your home improvement business.

•improve Efficiency — Higher productivity, reduced waste, more closed leads
•improve Marketing — Effective lead communication, fully automated, increased conversions
•improve Control — 360° visibility over entire operation

Get the most out of every leads you’ve already paid for – our system helps you keep reaching out to every prospect got. Sell to current leads and keep selling to your database with our CRM solution built just for home improvement businesses.

improveit! 360 CRM+ enables you to easily target, build, execute and measure the success of marketing campaigns and takes the complexity out of lead qualification and conversion.

•Enables execution and tracking of campaigns rapidly and in real time to maximize the value of your leads and opportunities
•Automates lead capture from multiple sources, including websites, search engines, email, direct mail and events
•Delivers automated email marketing—from creation to execution—in one system
•Features full reporting and drill-down to analyze campaign statistics and ROI from the start of a campaign to the final order transaction
•Provides rules-based process tools to improve lead conversion by automatically managing and driving lead nurturing programs
•Supports up-sell and cross-sell marketing through analysis of historical sales and automatic marketing reminders to all past customers

Our solution grows with you, too! As you work hard to grow your bottom line or expand your business, our system ensures you won’t grow faster than your technology. Our contractor business management tools are perfect for the small 3-4 person companies as well as the large remodeling business with a call center.

We help you run your business better with help on lead generation, automated lead marketing, sales appointment scheduling, job quoting, production management, and total business insight with powerful reporting and dashboard features.

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