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Latest News

5 Roofing Trends Discovered at IRE 2023

Observations made from the show floor of the largest roofing event in North America

Home Improvement

7 Tips for Offering Financing in Home Improvement Sales

How replacement contractors can implement financing into their sales processes to close more leads and increase job sizes


Smart breakers and surge protection are giving homeowners more

Why are electricians installing smart breakers and surge protection? Everything is getting smarter and homeowners, whether new or retrofit, are demanding more.

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Best Practices

How to Attach a Patio Roof to an Existing House

A graceful integration may mean more work but improved functionality and aesthetics 


Backlogs in Remodeling: A Blessing and A Curse

Backlogs may be one of the most confusing aspects of a remodeling business. Here's a helpful way to look at your pipeline.

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