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Power Home Remodeling Group employees cheer on Pitbull at a concert thrown by the company. 

How three unrelated companies became distinguished voices in a crowded industry

Snapshot of a survey that'll help you understand your clients better

It’s important to understand whether your success comes from skill and strategy or a roll of the dice

Tests for permeability measure vapor diffusion through a material with 50 percent RH air on one side and either a desiccant (“dry cup test”) or liquid water (“wet cup test)” on the other.

Understanding how water vapor interacts with building materials is critical to avoiding moisture problems in building assemblies

Four pillars of one company's proven hiring process

How deck builders weigh potential liability against the needs of budget-conscious homeowners who just want a repair

air quality EPA home

Follow these three rules for better indoor air quality in the home

robot for remodeling

Remodeling is at low risk for losing jobs to robots and AI over the next 10 years ... but it is at risk

natural building materials

These innovative materials make use of stuff that would otherwise have been thrown away

The city of Austin

Austin, Texas, fights to keep its citizens in place and well-housed

Despite the industry's problems, its professionals remain confident 

hurricane harvey, irma affect remodelers

Remodelers will be among the first called upon to start rebuilding

When a stone of innovation hits calm water, the ripples can be hard to predict

A millennial representing cultural shift

A changing of America's cultural tide

A look at the home features and styles that matter most to homebuyers

According to recent U.S./Canadian study

smartphones in hands of male/female

Photo: Pixabay

Survey reveals key trends among Millennial homebuyers, with specific focus on Millennial 'firsts'

Although asphalt shingles still dominate, other materials are gaining ground

Who knows how the next year will play out, but these four issues are likely to affect most remodelers in 2016

Construction of multifamily units and conversion of single-family homes into multifamily homes is on the rise

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