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Building Materials

mezzo with trimworks

This Pro's Pick saves on labor, time, and cost—for both pros and homeowners.

What do you do with items pulled from your remodeling projects?  You can avoid transportation and landfill costs by donating surplus materials to a materials exchange — and receive a tax deduction in return. In fact, you also can increase your profitability and reduce waste.

Need to cool off an old house? Consider a mini-duct system.

Lonnie Cox, CGR, sales manager for Brothers Strong in Houston, used to own his own drywall company and has turned his tricks of the drywall trade into innovative remodeling so-lutions in the field.

For the past three years, Adam Helfman, CGR, CR, owner of Fairway Construction in Southfield, Mich., has had a co-branding relationship with Kohler that has helped his company remain competitive and diversify its offerings.

Increasing attic insulation, typically one of the most cost-effective energy-effiency measures you can take, can reduce heating and cooling bills and improve homeowner comfort.

Stock cabinetry is an effective, affordable and attractive option for giving consumers the high design they demand

When designing, replacing or building a roof, remodelers must pay as much attention to preventing moisture intrusion as they do to framing or shingles.

A quality paint job begins with proper prepping and priming.

Vinyl remains a strong choice even for historic homes, while fiber-cement is gaining ground with new options.

Benjamin Moore's Personal Color Viewer Professional is a software program that allows clients and contractors to visualize what an exterior or interior would look like in a certain color.

When most of us started in this business, redwood, western cedar and pressure-treated pine were pretty much our only choices for deck boards.

With windows such a common component of remodeling projects, and water intrusion and mold such a common source of lawsuits, brushing up on installation techniques is more important than ever.

Are your HVAC ducts going in according to a specified plan? Are they being tested?

Two new wallboard panels from G-P Gypsum, DensArmor Interior Guard and DensArmor Plus Interior Guard, are designed to resist mold and mildew growth on interior walls and ceilings.

While laminate remains the clear choice among kitchen countertop materials, remodeling customers are more open to variety in their choice of kitchen flooring.

A properly designed and installed whole-house ventilation system provides fresh air, filters and mixes the air, and then distributes that air around the house, all with minimal maintenance.

In February, manufacturers entered a voluntary agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to withdraw chromated copper arsenate (CCA) as a wood preservative by Dec. 31, 2003.

For clients who prefer natural light in all corners of the home, Solatube International offers small tubular skylights that work well in hallways, closets, bathrooms and other areas without direct roof access, where traditional skylights wouldn't work....

With growing interest in green remodeling, contractors, designers and architects might want to read The Resourceful Renovator, A Gallery of Ideas for Reusing Building Materials.

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