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"So, if we can admit we have a problem, how do we fix it? How do we create welcoming environments free from discrimination?"

We must, as an industry, recognize that it costs us nothing to alter our words

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The industry began as seeds nearly 50 years ago. Those seeds became a lush orchard—but not without challenges.

Metaphors are not only thought provoking, they can help us understand our environment

remodeling company culture

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A CEO outlines how cultivating a culture of celebrating your people benefits everyone.

Remodeling Mastery with Mark Richardson

Remodeling Mastery with Mark Richardson

2022 remodeling market

A Pro Remodeler Thought Leader reveals what he sees happening in 2022

Investing In The Team

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If we take the total revenue for the company and divide it by the total number of billable hours, we can begin to quantify the “contribution rate” of hourly staff.

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Lisa Sten, CEO of Harrell Remodeling, finds new ways to scale up as the pandemic continues to disrupt old ways of doing business.

Predictions for the remodeling industry

Remodeling Thought Leaders give their forecast for 2021 based on industry trends.

Eric Minkiewicz, president of Huff 'n Puff, gives his predictions on rates, consolidations, and employment structures for 2021.

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Andy Wells, president at Normandy Remodeling, shares updates and how his business will approach vacation time.

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What position should remodeling companies hire more of in 2021?

Tony Mancini predicts 2021's economic outlook and its impacts on remodeling.

Money in a jar

Brian Gottlieb, CEO and founder of Tundraland Home Improvements, shares his predictions for pace, creativity, and backlogs. 

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Vince Nardo, president of Reborn Cabinets, gives his take on the economy and a boom and bust of new remodeling businesses.

Tanya Donahue Rhode Island Kitchen and Bath

Tanya Donahue, president and owner of RIKB Design + Build, weighs in on office dress code, home shows, and pace in 2021. 

Thought Leaders Predictions for the remodeling industry

Industry experts predict 2021 trends for the remodeling industry. 

sending out newsletters can be a good thing for remodelers

A company e-newsletter can go a lot deeper than clickbait and business news

Treating reviews like a referral center with clear goals will help grow your business

thompson creek windows employees with Mary Walter

Mary Walter, a local radio on-air personality (center) visits the Thompson Creek factory.

Radio is a great way to reach an older demographic. Here’s what you need to know. 

Top takeaways after more than 30 years in the business

the onboarding process is important for any good business

Making new hires feel welcome sets the tone for a long and productive tenure. On their first day at work, new employees get flowers and a card.

Use these guidelines to set the stage for successful hires

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