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Building Materials

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This Pro's Pick saves on labor, time, and cost—for both pros and homeowners.

Today’s decorative hardware makes a significant contribution to the distinctive look of a kitchen or bathroom. And homeowners are very aware of its impact, judging from the increased interest in knobs and pulls.

Now that boomers are older, more sophisticated and more affluent, they are demanding cabinets that will either add value to their homes if they decide to sell them and downsize at retirement, or have styles and features with which they can live happily...

Residents of coastal areas most likely to incur damage from hurricanes’ violent winds usually get plenty of warning to evacuate their homes and get to safety. However, there’s not much they can do about the homes and possessions they leave behind.

Historically, about 85% of consumers replace their old flooring with a product similar to it, says Chris Davis, CEO of the World Floor Covering Association. But these days it seems that people want unique looks for their homes.

Homeowners replace windows for many reasons. In most cases, the decision hinges on energy efficiency and appearance. Manufacturers offer a broad selection of replacement windows.

Check out these trends that buyers are calling for in their kitchen and baths.

According to a recently released industry survey, the amount of pre- and post-consumer glass and blast furnace slag being diverted from the solid waste stream for use in thermal and acoustical insulation now exceeds 14 billion pounds.

Most remodelers have a soft spot in their hearts for a particular tool or two—directly remodeling-related or otherwise.

Most remodelers are experts at dealing with lathe-and-plaster walls and similar old-fashioned building materials. But Bob White of R.G. White Construction in Jacksonville, Fla., faced a challenge in a recent project that few of his peers are likely to ...

With consumers becoming more educated, siding manufacturers can compete on more levels.

Construction As key homebuilders and home centers promote certified wood products, remodelers may find a competitive advantage in offering these products to their own clients.

Vinyl meets the needs of homeowners who want paint-free low maintenance and remodelers who want long-lasting products that install quickly.

Demand for radiant heating systems has increased dramatically over the past four years, despite contractors’ initial hesitations to learn and install the new technology.

Jack Philbin, CR and president of Philbin Construction & Remodeling purchases about $6,000 in tools each year.

Bolder colors, distinctive wood species and more design options add to timeless appeal.

With the brick industry stepping up its marketing efforts and consumers wanting to build with traditional materials, bricks have been at a premium since October 1999.

Georgia-Pacific, one of the country’s largest drywall manufacturers, not only uses recycled paper fibers from newspapers and corrugated containers, but also uses synthetic gypsum made from recycled industrial waste.

To avoid jobsite accidents with I-joists, follow these safety guidelines

Long a building material of the Southwest, adobe has benefits for other areas, too.

Some have been featured in People magazine, and others were highlighted on 'The Tonight Show,' but other inventions introduced to the public may become features of your future building and remodeling projects.

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