Building Materials

If you've ever been stuck with custom building products that were incorrectly ordered, Builders may provide a way to rid yourself of the surplus while recouping some cash.

Maintaining heavy equipment or using costly, hard-to-find labor isn't necessarily the ideal way to tackle big jobs.

How often do you think about your drywall?

Gas furnaces, electric air conditioning, heat pumps and more--how do homeowners and contractors decide which is best for a particular building?

It’s no secret that remodelers are looking for ways to save time and money for both themselves and their clientele; that’s why many exterior product manufacturers are providing materials that come pre-colored or pre-painted.

Taking an old fairy tale to heart, remodelers using thin brick systems on exterior projects know that those jobs will resist moisture, damage and even the huffing and puffing of Big Bad Wolves.

Fully assembled entry door systems give remodeler one-stop shop

The Southern Pine Council will launch a branding initiative that targets building and remodeling professionals.

Remodelers can make custom and semi-custom cabinetry that resembles fine furniture.

Several post-secondary industrial arts programs are part of a pilot program to receive woodworking tools in an effort to increase the numbers of students entering the construction trade.

Innovative products put remodelers in a bind.

Swan Corp. offers a four-page, full-color guide to its new Retrofit Shower Systems.

Several major problems exist with low-flow toilets.

High-traffic-area paint jobs almost certainly call for some sort of special finish to increase the durability and cleanability of a remodeler’s work, but finishes, especially mid-range finishes, are also being used to add style to interior rooms.

Homeowners are educating themselves about the features HVAC systems have to offer, according to the manufacturers.

CertainTeed Corp. acquires GS Roofing.

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