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Building Materials

mezzo with trimworks

This Pro's Pick saves on labor, time, and cost—for both pros and homeowners.

Remodelers trying to help customers find an easy, relatively in-expensive way to im-prove their home’s ap-pearance.

“Smart window” technology has made its way from commercial to residential use, letting homeowners control the amount of light and heat that enters the home by turning a dial to darken the window.

Windows are much more efficient than they were during the 1970s twin energy crises that catalyzed the long running string of window improvements.

If you’re having trouble finding materials at your local supplier to suit a client’s taste, perhaps it’s time to give architectural salvage stores a try.

Residential & Light Commercial Construction Standards offers contractors tips for installing cabinetry.

Remodelers can add another option to their list of sustainable building materials.

What is necessary for good relationships between suppliers and remodelers? Larry Murr, CGR and owner of Lawrence Murr Inc. in Jacksonville, Fla., didn’t have to think long at all about that question.

A continuing frustration for The Home Depot has been its lack of success in attracting professional contractors.

Whenever your project includes replacing a gas water heater, you probably don’t spend much time mulling over the features of competing units. Maybe you should.

More options make for tougher decisions, as anyone who has helped a homeowner with product selection knows. That makes choosing flooring especially difficult.

Before the 1930s, most masons used a lime putty mortar that takes a long time to dry and harden. By contrast, modern-day mortar is harder, quick-drying and cement-based.

Mastic is the gooey sealant you should be paying your HVAC contractor a little extra for so that he puts it, instead of tape, on all joints in your ductwork.

The debate over wood versus steel for home framing heated up in the early 1990s when the cost of framing lumber doubled in just a few months

A few years ago, radiant barriers were the new hot thing. Now in most parts of California, they are the new required thing.

When it comes to wear and tear, few components of the home have more rigorous requirements than exterior doors.

No matter what’s under the floors or above the ceilings, the first thing your clients and their friends will see when your job is complete is the finish.

Last August, after a complaint filed by U.S. lumber companies, the United States levied a 19.3% countervailing tariff on softwood lumber from certain Canadian provinces.

Countertops can add the pizzazz that makes a kitchen the showroom of a home.

In 2000, 1.04 million gas hearth appliances (such as fireplaces and stoves) were shipped by manufacturers, along with 647,000 wood- or pellet-fuel-burning appliances, according to the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association.

As a remodeler, you undoubtedly have favorite tools that you use frequently in your business, as well as knowledge about others that you have less occasion to haul out.

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