2016 Professional Remodeler 40 Under 40

We took a hard look at how to present this year's 40 Under 40 winners and decided to highlight best practices. 

Building Envelope: X Marks the Spot, Building Science, Professional Remodeler April 2016

The colored “X’s” in this 3-D view identify thermal shorts (red) and areas—such as framing joints and places where pipes,  wires, or fixtures penetrate walls or travel between floors—where air sealing (purple) and vapor control (yellow) are needed. Image: courtesy Dan Morrison

A simple way to check for continuous air, vapor, thermal, and drainage layers

Solar installers working on roof

Photo: Pixabay

Solar can be a lucrative business for those adept at navigating the politics involved

Microsoft HoloLens partners with Lowe's to incorporate augmented reality technology in remodeling demonstrations.

Photo: courtesy Lowe's Home Improvement

Microsoft HoloLens is partnering with Lowe's to incorporate augmented reality technology in remodeling demonstrations

Homeowner thinks price of remodeling work is too high, looks shocked

Photo: Pixabay

It’s the most common—and for some sales reps, the most difficult—objection to closing business in home improvement, or any industry. Here’s how to respond.

As I See It, How Much? Price Conditioning in Remodeling, Sal Alfano, PR April 2016

When today’s customer finally contacts your company, it’s not a sale, it’s a buying facilitation.

Hiring cheap subs often comes with its own set of issues that aren't necessarily good for your business

Photo: Flickr user David B. Gleason, Creative Commons

Paying the price for cheap subs can add up to more than you anticipate

Update about revisions to AWPA’s U1 standard for pressure-treated lumber

Recent changes to the AWPA’s U1 Standard for use categories UC3B and UC4A require lumber rated for ground contact to be used for some above-ground components, such as ledgers, beams, and joists, “when they are difficult to maintain, repair, or replace, and are critical to the performance and safety” of the structure, the document states. Photo: Dan Morrison

Revisions to AWPA’s U1 standard may require using lumber rated for ground contact in some above-ground applications

Kate Ewing is marketing manager for Mosby Building Arts, in St. Louis, and a Professional Remodeler 40 Under 40 winner for 2015.

Eighty-one percent of women say they feel some form of exclusion at work; 92 percent of men don’t believe they’re excluding women.

Two-island kitchen plan

A two-island solution eliminates wasted space and adds working surfaces while opening up the kitchen for better interaction with family or guests in adjacent spaces

float glass on manufacturing line in window manufacturing

Windows have changed a lot in the past 60 years. Here are 10 innovations that set waypoints along that timeline.

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