Depending on the scope of the project, old wooden windows can be replaced via pocket installation or replaced entirely. Photo courtesy of

There are two major options for replacing these old windows. If you’re doing a remodel that involves work on the walls, then a full window replacement may be the best approach.

2015 Design Awards

See which projects were the real standouts among this year's wealth of entries, and be inspired

2015 Professional Remodeler Design Awards Project of the Year by Silent Rivers Design + Build

This deceptively simple kitchen remodel wows with its seamless integration of multiple updates and styles 

2015 Project of the Year, Silent Rivers Design+Build kitchen remodel

This kitchen remodel, which won Project of the Year in Professional Remodeler's 2015 Design Awards, has some clever details

More women selling home improvement products

Is the fact that homeowners tend to trust female salespeople more than male reps opening the door for more women in roofing, siding, and window sal

Construction jobsite safety


What happens if there’s a fatal accident on one of your jobsites?

Man paddles off in kayak leaving work behind

For a small-business owner, being able to take time off is a significant milestone that marks the first step in the transition from a business that

2015 Professional Remodeler Design Awards judges: Robi Kirsic, Vince Weber, Lana Galloway, Michael Anschel


The judges, from left to right: Robi Kirsic, TimeLine Renovations; Vince Weber, Normandy Design Build Remodeling; Lana Galloway, LaMantia Design & Construction; and Michael Anschel, Otogawa-Ansche Design+Build.

Meet the awards judges for 2015 and find out about our new format for presenting the Design Awards winners in the magazine    

Checking supplier invoices

Controls at the front and back end will ensure that you’re paying what you should for building materials

Thumbs up or down? Online reviews left unchecked have the potential to ruin your reputation

An online rant by some unhappy, embittered, or enraged customer may be on the cards at some point for your company, but you can take steps to limit

Start to finish—the real cost of landing a remodeling job

Regular contributor Les Cunningham takes a closer look at the cost of turning a lead into a sale


What is the Model ReModel?
Best Practices: Rotten Subfloors, and Other Surprises
Noritz: A Broad Range of Tankless Gas Water Heaters
What is the Model ReModel?
Join us as we watch a home transform, learning best practices for remodelers along the way.

September 2015

This Month in Professional Remodeler


See which projects were the real standouts among this year's wealth of entries, and be inspired

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