Can temperature affect air pressure in Superbowl footballs the way it affects air pressure in the houses we build?

Elbert Barnes/Flickr

In the spirit of Superbowl season, we’d like to pick your brains with this thought: how similar are homes with footballs when it comes to air pressure?

Building Science: Conferences to Check out This Year

Photo: Rotislav Kralik

Want to enrich yourself and learn new skills? Here are some building science conferences to explore.

Photo: Steakpinball/Flickr

Here are some tips for the final steps of a construction dispute.

Google+ Marketing Tools

Jurgen Appelo/Flickr

Make marketing your remodeling business easier with these handy tools.

Tips for Hiring as Your Business Grows


A remodeler and an HR consultant offer advice for recruiting and selecting new employees, both in the office and in the field

SEO tips for small businesses

This is how your company can get prime (digital) real estate.

Rendering courtesy of Blue Heron Homes

One blogger isn’t too keen about this year’s New American Home.

Little wind turbines don't work as well TreeHugger Hunan

Photo: Lloyd Alter/Creative Commons

Wind turbines under 30 feet – do they really work? TreeHugger helps us evaluate.

Framing marketing messages

When marketing your services, make sure your message taps through your audience’s mental filters.

One blogger likens mix and matching batteries with cordless tools to a dog mating with a cat: not good.

How to grow remodeling business past 1 million dollars

Flickr/Ken Teegardin

Planning your business’s growth is like planning for a remodeling project


Building Science - LP SmartSide Episode One
"Inside" Professional Remodeler Extreme Sales Summit 2014
Building Science - LP SmartSide Episode Two
Building Science - LP SmartSide Episode One

December 2014

This Month in Professional Remodeler


Created with both 3D digital print techniques and roller applications to achieve the look of ancient terra cotta, Villa Medici is a surface that pairs well with old-world inspired interiors.


Innovations like 3-D printing, unique shapes, and large format are bringing tile to the forefront of home design

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