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As a former remodeling business owner, Shawn McCadden knows how to maximize long-term profitability.

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Should homeowners and contractors share the blame for repairs? 

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Matt Risinger stands by his building price even if that means losing the job to a less expensive competitor. 

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HVAC contractor Carl Grace’s day is just getting started and he already has more than one dilemma on his hands. 

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If $150 seems like a lot for an hour's worth of work, read on to find out how countertop expert Joseph Corlett breaks down the cost.

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Home improvement spending hit an unexpected slump for 2014.  

“I found you online” is too vague of an answer to understand how to distribute marketing resources for your business.

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It’s not uncommon for construction contracts to be signed by one spouse out of convenience and time constraints.

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Constructions jobs are few and far between in the cooler months, but there are ways to keep business year-round.  


"Inside" Professional Remodeler Extreme Sales Summit 2014
Building Science - LP SmartSide Episode One
Building Science - LP SmartSide Episode Two
"Inside" Professional Remodeler Extreme Sales Summit 2014
Our cameras captured the excitement and energy "Inside" the Professional Remodeler Extreme Sales Summit. Watch to see why 300 remodelers come to the moxt exciting sales summit of the year.

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All aspects of the unit are customizable, including height, length, materials, and finishes.


Slated to be held again in 2015, the Extreme Sales Summit is the only conference devoted entirely to in-home selling.

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