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One pro shares her favorite CRM that everyone on her team uses for contracts, scheduling, and more. 

Data suggests a strong 2021 for the kitchen & bath industry, but challenges remain.

Mycelium fibers that will be the future of building materials

These fine white filaments are mycelium—basically mushroom roots. It is the means by which fungus stays connected and nuorished, but researchers have also discovered it may be a means to disrupt the building materials market. Insulation, door cores, flooring, cladding, light fixtures, furniture—mycelium is a cheap, durable, and easy to manufacture alternative to all and more. 

With price spikes and shortages Of traditional building materials, it may be time to start considering non-Traditional ones


One pro's favorite platform fosters collaboration and team investment in the hiring process. 

women-owned businesses in remodeling

From left to right: Ashley Wainscott, founder of Simply Sold, Anna Karp, co-founder of Bolster, and Michelle Lamb, founder of Better Home Texas

Though women make up a small percentage of business owners in the industry, their use of innovative leadership styles and technology may reshape the industry. 

wood kitchen with blue accents

By Magryt | Adobe Stock

Pandemic has homeowners gravitating toward warm tones and materials

The New American Remodel Lakeshore Levels

This year’s New American Remodel exemplifies creative problem-solving 

Dreamstyle Remodeling door install

Dreamstyle Remodeling modernizes an iconic Mossman-Gladden house in the 2020 Model ReModel.

Financing options in remodeling

Remodelers often shy away from offering financing right off the bat, but doing so can generate new leads.

Criner Remodeling

Robert Criner and his son, Paul.

See what one remodeler learned as he prepared to pass his business to his son.

Remodeling Mastery Mark Richardson

Mark Richardson analyzes what industry changes are here to stay post-pandemic.

Zoom meeting with clients

Some business practices will revert back to the way they were after the pandemic—while others are forever changed.

In this bathroom for a master suite addition to a Tudor-style home, most of the daylight comes from two north-facing skylights.

Part of a master suite addition to a Tudor-style home in Denver, most of the daylight comes from two north-facing skylights. A monochromatic palette of light colors was chosen, with a contrasting dark stain used for “his” vanity to make it feel more masculine. Interior designer: Kristi Dinner, KD Design; general contractor: Coggeshall Construction

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