The shoddy construction of the housing boom is coming back to haunt homeowners

Ten years after a historic building frenzy, remodelers are seeing more and more defective new homes

Remember how it used to work 15 years ago? Well, it will get you exactly nowhere today.

The way you make your clients feel can't be copied—and that's the hook


In a sea of smart home devices, the hub pulls it all together. Pro Remodeler takes a look at a range of available hub options.

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Are you ready for the new overtime rule?

Technology is a tool, but let's not forget that it's just that

Year’s end is a sprint to the finish, a time to meet or exceed annual goals

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Trim-Tex seeks next drywall artist of the year


Ruling could affect legal status of review sites

Photo: Flickr user Henri Bergius (CC by SA 2.0)

For home improvement contractors today, a lot hinges on review sites 

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Homeowners are often in the dark about what permits are required for the work they want done and who's responsible for obtaining them. Short answer: you are


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An open plan and offset cabinet layout transform this cramped tudor galley kitchen into a modern space with an old-fashioned feel

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