Festool TS 75 plunge cut track saw in action
Gun death infographic casues a stir

How belief echoes can affect people’s attitudes even when they know something is false

The concept of Net Promoter Scores is still relevant

It's now 10 years since Fred Reichheld introduced the concept of the Net Promoter Score, but it's as relevant as ever

Update job descriptions with input from existing staff

Why, as business improves, it's important to update job descriptions with input from existing staff


Remodelers should use the final walkthrough as a chance to impress clients

Turn the final walk-through with clients into an opportunity to shine

By having cash reserves, you can offset unpredictable business setbacks

Having cash reserves can offset unpredictable business setbacks or fund future growth



Three examples on display at recent NARI Home Improvement Show

What to do when a key employee leaves your company

A key employee unexpectedly leaving can be a stress bomb if you don’t see it coming and you don’t have a plan to deal with it

Cyberattacks occur in remodeling companies, so it's important to educate your staff about cyber security.

In today's interconnected online world, businesses are vulnerable, and businesses with fewer than 100 employees even more so

social media effectiveness

Sean MacEntee

Social media is only powerful with an effective strategy behind it

When contractors discover a defect in their work, repairing the defect can be risky unless you take some precautions

Repairing construction defects can be risky unless you take some precautions


Knowledge - Liberty Construction
What is the Model ReModel?
Best Practices: Rotten Subfloors, and Other Surprises
Knowledge - Liberty Construction
Knowledge - Liberty Construction

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The state has a reputation for corrupt officials, but one contractor took on the Goliath that is the DTOD, and won

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