The Cutting Edge: A Look at Flesh-Sensing Technology in Remodeling

In the U.S. each day, 10 people lose a finger to a table saw. As more flesh-sensing innovations hit the market, remodelers will likely feel pressure from regulators and insurance providers to use tools equipped with this capability.

Raising a sunken living-room floor

Photos: courtesy Antonio Aguirre

Illustration of whole-house ventilation air flows

All illustrations: Home Innovation Research Labs

Thermador's Freedom Induction Cooktop delivers more usable surface area

Thermador says its Freedom Induction Cooktop delivers 63 percent more usable surface area. How? Under the grey-black glass surface, there are 48 magnetic coils measuring 3 inches each. Photo: courtesy Thermador


Photo: courtesy Dan Morrison

Kitchen by Mellunasaw Modern Home Interior Design Ideas

Photo: courtesy Mellunasaw Modern Home Interior Design Ideas

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