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Top 100 Products for 2017: Exteriors

Products from RHH Foam Systems, Titebond, Strong-Tie, Icynene, Fi-Foil, DuPont, Environmental StoneWorks, Flood, Demilec, Jamsill Guard, and Huber Engineered Woods

August 09, 2017

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RHH Foam Systems / Spray Foam Insulation 

The Versi-Foam line from RHH Foam Systems offers a range of spray foam insulation products to create a better-performing building envelope and boost R-value by insulating basements, crawlspaces, and attics, and sealing around exterior penetrations. Choose from closed cell (available in standard and flame-retardant formulas), open cell (all RHH open-cell products are produced in the flame-retardant formula), high-density, and low-rise formulations for your specific application needs. 

Titebond / Adhesive

Designed to prevent waste and mess, Titebond’s Fast Set Polyur-eth-ane Construction Adhesive features a No-Drool cartridge that stops adhesive flow as soon as the caulk gun’s piston pressure is released. Once applied, Fast Set quickly builds strength while offering 1 hour of working time to reposition assembled pieces without com-promising the bond. Fast Set bonds virtually all types of building materials, the company says; extrudes in temp-eratures down to 32° F; bonds wet and frozen materials; and com-plies with many green building pro-grams, including LEED.

Strong-Tie / Connectors and Fasteners

Simpson Strong-Tie’s Outdoor Accents is a line of galvanized steel Mission-style connectors and fasteners that includes post bases, strap ties, and angles that are exterior-rated. The line’s black powder-coat finish protects against corrosion, and a hex-head washer, used with a structural wood screw, gives the look of a bolted connection but with easier installation. The hardware accommodates 4-by and 6-by lumber sizes.

Icynene / Spray Foam Insulation

Icynene spray foam insulation is available in open-cell (low-density) and closed-cell (medium-density) formats for residential applic-ations and is warrantied for the life of the home. Products include: Classic, an open-cell spray foam ideal for residential interior applications; Classic Max and ProSeal low-VOC spray foams, which allow for reentry 1 hour after application and reoccupancy after 2 hours of active ventilation; and Classic Max Select, a one-and-done foam that eliminates the need for an ignition barrier in unvented attics.

Fi-Foil / Insulation

The Hy-Fi hybrid insulation system from Fi-Foil, maker of reflective insulation systems and radiant barrier products, uses high-reflectant, low--emittance materials to create three reflective air spaces between the interior wall and traditional insulation materials, such as batts, spray foam, or blown-in cellulose or fiberglass. By adding up to R-8, Hy-Fi makes it easier to meet energy codes in narrow walls.

DuPont / Weatherization Systems

DuPont’s Tyvek brand of building envelope systems includes products such as wall and roofing underlays, flashing tapes, and accessories like sealant, window and door foam, and spray adhesive to help increase a home’s energy efficiency and reduce the risk of conden-sation damage, wood rot, and mold growth. DuPont invented the building wrap category more than 30 years ago with Tyvek HomeWrap and continues to innovate.

MiTek Builder Products / Shearwalls, Connectors, and Fasteners

A division of MiTek USA, the MiTek Builder Products division encompasses several brands including USP Structural Connect--ors, the Z4 Tie-Down System, and Hardy Frame Shearwall System. The company offers a range of solutions for building compliance with soft-story retrofit ordin-ances in California, such as the Hardy Frame Shear Wall System, which includes Prefabricated Panels (shown) and Prefab-
---ricated Special Moment Frames, as well as steel connectors from USP Structural Connectors, and CIA GEL7000-C epoxy, designed for tension and shear loads due to wind or earthquakes.

Fi-Foil / Insulation

M-Shield reflective insulation from Fi-Foil is intend-ed for use on furred-out masonry walls. It consists of two layers: The inside layer is aluminum foil; the outer layer is a synthetic polymer, and the product is designed with small perforations to allow vapor transmission for applications not requiring a vapor retarder. Expanders separate paper from foil to create reflective air spaces. M-Shield has a Class A flammability rating, provides R-values from 4.1 to 5.1, and resists mold growth.

Environmental StoneWorks / Stone Veneer

Environmental StoneWorks manufactures an extensive array of natural-looking brick and stone veneer products for exterior and interior applications, reflecting stone varieties from throughout the U.S. and Canada. The company also installs its products as part of a “one point of responsibility” commit-ment that includes design, manufacturing, installation, warranty, and on-site manage-ment.

Flood / Wood Stains and Finishes

Through research and collaboration with parent company PPG, the Flood wood finishes brand launched its Pro Series line of stains, finishes, and wood-preparation products specifically developed to meet the needs of the professional. The Flood Pro Series line combines popular existing formulas with several new-and-improved formulas. 

Demilec / Spray Foam Insulation

Demilec’s closed-cell spray foam insulation product, Heatlok XT, contains more than 20 percent renewable and recycled content and can now earn up to 10 LEED points. It also offers 10 percent increased yield performance. The winter formulation can be sprayed at temperatures as low as 10˚ F, and increased sprayability saves time: within seconds of spraying 2 inches of foam, another 2 inches can be applied. Fire resistance is also increased, with a zero score in ASTM-E-84 testing. 

Jamsill Guard / Still Pan Flashing

Jamsill Guard adjust-able sill pan flashing is made from high-impact ABS plastics and designed to prevent water damage from window and door leaks. The flashing won’t deteriorate or corrode over time and is inexpensive and easy to install. The multipiece teles-coping design allows on-site adjust-ment to fit any rough opening. It’s then bonded together in the field using PVC cement to create a one-piece flashing. Sloped weep areas help evacuate moisture to the exterior.

Huber Engineered Woods / Flashing Tape

Zip System Stretch Tape from Huber Engineered Woods easily stretches to fit curves and corners so you can flash a sill using a single piece. It’s made from the same acrylic as the standard Zip System tape and forms a strong adhesive bond at a range of temperatures, even with a damp substrate. The stretch tape can be applied by hand, pulled up, and reapplied. 

DuPont / Housewrap

With its nonwoven-fiber structure, which resists air filtration and water intrusion while still allowing moisture vapor to diffuse through the sheet, DuPont’s Tyvek HomeWrap can boost energy efficiency and improve building durability by helping to prevent mold and mildew growth and wood rot. Backed by a 10-year limited warranty, HomeWrap is part of DuPont’s Weather-ization System.

Environmental StoneWorks / Mortarless Stone Veneer

Introduced in 2013 by Environmental StoneWorks as the first individual mortarless stone veneer on the market installed using common tools, ClipStone Mortarless Stone Veneer has the advantage of providing mess-free installation. ClipStone features two profiles: Ledgestone (shown) and ProStack, and is available in a variety of colors and profiles to suit almost any interior or exterior application. 

Huber Engineered Woods / Subfloor Adhesive

When used with AdvanTech floor panels, the poly-urethane bond of AdvanTech Subfloor Adhesive from Huber Engineered Woods deadens squeaks. The panels and adhesive—a panel--to-joist assembly—stay flat and stiff. Applied with a gun applicator, the adhesive dispenses as a foam that quickly thickens to a high-strength gel. One 24-ounce can yields 400 linear feet. 


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