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How Mission, Vision, and Values Drive Exceptional Customer Experiences

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How Mission, Vision, and Values Drive Exceptional Customer Experiences

By aligning these three core principles, contractors can create raving fans who refer their business for life

By Gary A. Cohen September 19, 2023
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In the competitive landscape of contracting companies, success extends beyond the completion of projects; it also hinges on the creation of remarkable customer experiences that leave a lasting impact.

A contractor’s mission, vision, and values serve as the guiding stars in this pursuit, illuminating the path to excellence and cultivating customer loyalty that goes beyond a single transaction.

Let's delve into how these core principles are instilled in your employees, ultimately leading to the creation of enthusiastic advocates who refer your company for life.

Mission: The North Star of Purpose

A contracting company's mission is more than just words on a wall; it's a declaration of purpose and intent. It outlines the fundamental reason for the company's existence and defines the impact it seeks to make.

For example, a remodeler’s mission might be to "transform spaces into dream environments that enhance lives." This mission provides employees with a clear understanding of their role in creating meaningful transformations for customers.

When a contracting company aligns its mission, vision, and values with the experiences it delivers, the result is an army of raving fans—enthusiastic customers who not only return for repeat business but also passionately refer the company to others.

To instill the mission in employees, successful contractors integrate it into daily operations. Regular team meetings, training sessions, and even the design of physical workspaces can serve as constant reminders of the mission's importance. Sharing stories of how the mission positively impacted customers can also reinforce its significance and inspire employees to go above and beyond.

Vision: Painting the Future

A company's vision is its depiction of a better future—a future that is achieved through consistent efforts aligned with the mission. A compelling vision serves as a source of inspiration, motivating employees to strive for greatness. For instance, a vision could be "to become the industry's most trusted and sought-after contracting partner."

To bring the vision to life, companies should encourage a forward-thinking mindset among employees. Regular brainstorming sessions and open forums for idea-sharing can foster an environment where innovation is welcomed. Recognizing and celebrating employees who contribute to the realization of the vision can further strengthen their commitment to the company's success.

Values: The Pillars of Behavior

Values are the ethical compass that directs employees' behaviors and decisions. They define the company's culture and expectations for how employees interact with customers, colleagues, and stakeholders. Values like "integrity," "excellence," and "customer-centricity" guide actions that support the mission and vision.

Embedding values within the organization requires intentional efforts. Contractors often incorporate values into performance assessments, using them as criteria for evaluating employee contributions. Regular training on ethical decision-making and empathy can also cultivate a values-driven culture that resonates with customers.

Creating Raving Fans: The Ripple Effect

When a contracting company aligns its mission, vision, and values with the experiences it delivers, the result is an army of raving fans—enthusiastic customers who not only return for repeat business but also passionately refer the company to others. This phenomenon is driven by the emotional connection customers feel when their expectations are not just met but exceeded.

Several successful contractors have masterfully implemented these principles to their benefit. By consistently delivering on their promises and imbuing every interaction with the company's mission, vision, and values, they create a unique brand identity that customers trust. This trust forms the basis of customer loyalty, prompting referrals and testimonials that resonate with potential clients.

A contracting company's mission, vision, and values are not mere corporate jargon; they are the foundation upon which exceptional customer experiences are built. By infusing these principles into every facet of the organization, from employee onboarding to project execution, companies create an environment where employees are not just workers, but ambassadors of the company's essence.

As other contractors observe and learn from these successes, the industry as a whole shifts toward a customer-centric approach, where excellence is not just an outcome, but a way of doing business.

written by

Gary A. Cohen

Gary Cohen is Vice President of Certified Contractors Network (CCN). He spent 11 years as a Clinical Professor of Business at the University of Maryland. CCN is a training, coaching, and networking organization in the home improvement industry. For more information on CCN, contact Gary at gcohen@contractors.net or visit www.contractors.net/contractors.

Comments (1)

  • Submitted by Ryan Kelly (not verified) on Wed, 02/07/2024 - 15:31


    Loved the write-up, thanks for the insights, Gary.
    Quick question:
    We have 3 companies, two of which came from acquisition and existing leadership + staff.
    We have had some issues amongst the two acquisition, with some key players not assimilating to the culture we created at our flagship company.

    What strategies or methods are there to build a singular culture?
    Do you suggest the culture cancers hit the road?

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