Woods Restoration Services

Company snapshot

October 31, 1999


  • Location: West Hartford and Waterbury, Conn.; Clifton, N.J.; Westchester, N.Y.

  • Type of company: 60% residential and commercial property damage restoration and reconstruction; 40% general contracting

  • Staff model: Eight office, 19 field

  • Annual jobs: 1,800

  • Workweek: Martin Woods: 60 hours

  • Bio: Three brothers run the family-owned company. Philip, a chemical engineer who ran his own remodeling company, oversees production. Martin, who minored in marketing, worked in marketing for The New York Times and built houses for Habitat for Humanity, directs the company’s marketing program and its West Hartford office. Timothy runs the company’s large-loss division; he has a master’s degree in construction management.

  • Key to success: "Our business is equally production-driven and marketing-driven," says Martin. That means not only delivering a high-quality product and first-rate customer service, but also pushing marketing to all potential business sources -- insurance adjusters, insurance agencies, property managers and plumbers, as well as the general public.

  • Contact information:860/523-0027, mjwoods@hotmail.com

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